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No commercial, no peace! Come on, people! The burning in my hands, it's agonizing! Miguel meets with some guy in a graveyard. The man is smoking. I'll call him The Smoking Man, since he works for the government (as we learn), he smokes, and he's probably nefarious. "Those things are addictive," Miguel observes. "You said a mouthful, buster," the Smoking Man drawls. "We all wind up in the bone orchard one way or the other." Miguel sort of nods. The Smoking Man announces that he wants Miguel to get Colonel Solis out of jail. "You want him out, you get him out," Miguel says. "It's better that you do it," the Smoking Man says calmly. Miguel points out that he already brought the Colonel to him! "I just wanted to earn some goodwill with the American government," he says. The Smoking Man nods and puffs. "And you have! You've earned it in spades. When you need it, it'll be there for you. Much more so if you get him out," he says. "Because it's better if everyone believes the Colonel works for the drug traffickers and not the CIA," Miguel exposits. The Smoking Man nods. "Get him out how?" Miguel asks. "An armed attack on the jail?" The Smoking Man flicks his ash onto the ground. "Is that not your cup of tea?" he asks acidly. Miguel looks at the ground and then announces that he wants Tio Jorge back in Mexico. The Smoking Man reminds him that Tio Jorge is under indictment in Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico. And there's nothing he can do about that. "The only reason that Mexico wants to extradite him is because of pressure from the United States. And you can do something about that," Miguel points out. The Smoking Man takes a drag, and promises to talk it over "with some people."

Casa de Queso. Miguel goes into the darkroom to find Marlene, who's mucking about with some negatives. "What does he want?" she asks. "They want me to break the Colonel out of jail," Miguel tells her wearily. "Mickey! I wish you'd never tried to trade favors with the CIA," Marlene replies. I wish I had a dollar for every time someone has said that to me. Miguel says nothing, then asks Marlene to help him figure out a way to do it without getting any of his compadres killed. The phone rings. "Yes?" Marlene asks. She listens, then looks up at Miguel, disgusted.

Upstairs, the object of Marlene's disgust -- Ernesto -- is talking to Joey. He has something for them, he says. "I think you're going to like it. It's outside," he tells them. Joey wants to see what Ernesto brought them, but Miguel is horrified by the idea of his baby being infected by Ernesto's very special brand of crazy.

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