The Odd Couple

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The Odd Couple

Over at the DEA, Bobby somehow manages to convince Doug Duffy to let him bring Delia along on the raid.

Back in Mexico, a shiny Escalade pulls up in front of the police station. Several of Miguel's men -- including Head Henchman Hector -- spill out and storm inside. They march right back to Chato's cell. Hector takes out his phone and makes a call. Lazareno comes running up, waving his pistol, but Hector calmly hands him the phone. "It's for you. It's your uncle. The senator," he says. Lazareno furrows his brow. "Tio?" he asks, and puts the phone to his ear. "No, I won't let him out....Because he's a killer!" he says into the phone, making a very appalled face. He sighs. He flares his nostrils. He shifts his weight from foot to foot. "Don't ask me to do this. Please," he says. More heaving. Flare. Flare. Heave. I think this actor took a correspondence course from the James Van Der Beek School of Acting. Finally, Lazareno hangs up, looking beaten. Well, theoretically beaten. I'm sure the actual beating is yet to come. He puts his gun away. "Open the gate," he whispers.

So, Hector and the men go in to fetch poor Chato, who's spent this entire scene staring at the floor. Hector touches his shoulder gently, and Chato flinches as though he'd been burned. He looks up and, man, he looks like hell. Hector gives Lazareno a supremely dirty look as Chato painfully rises to his feet. He really doesn't even look at happy to be sprung. He walks out into the hallway -- painfully, which I suppose is fairly accurate -- and stops right in front of Lazareno. The men exchange a long look. Dude, Lazareno is so very dead. Finally, Chato just shuffles away.

In Houston, Dr. Benben arrives home to find his apartment ransacked. "Son of a bitch!" he mutters.

The Hotel de Queso. This location is fabulously gorgeous. I wonder where it is. Inside, Chato stands in Miguel's office and stares wistfully out the window. "Coward. He'll be begging me to die," he mutters. Miguel stands and comes over. "Chato, listen to me," he says. "This is over. If we kill Lazareno now, we'll lose our leverage with the senator. We'll bring the entire government down on us. Forget about this." Chato blinks back tears. "You don't know what happened in that jail," he says. "What do you mean?" Miguel asks. Chato turns and faces him and stares at him for a full minute. "You don't know what happened," he repeats. Miguel reaches to touch him, but Chato pushes his brother's hands away roughly. "Don't tell me not to kill Lazareno," he cries. "I'd rather die than go through this." Miguel shrugs. "You shouldn't have screwed his wife," he points out. Dude! That is cold! "Wow. I'm really kind of mean," Miguel's Mole whispers. "What?" Chato asks, somewhat incredulously. "I told you to leave her alone and you defied me," Miguel continues. "What did you think the consequences of that would be? Hmm?" Well, I doubt he thought the consequences would involve his ass in a deeply personal way, Miguel. "You are not killing Lazareno," Miguel repeats, firmly. Chato looks...bad. Hurt and furious and sort of insane. "Not now. That would destroy La Corporacion," Miguel says. Chato swallows. "Business comes first, huh?" he asks. Miguel has no visible response to this. "The family comes first. The whole family," he says. La Familia count: I have totally lost count. Let's just say...73. The brothers stare at each other. "Either you live with this, or we'll all end up paying for your mistake," Miguel advises coolly. At this, Chato grabs Miguel by the lapel and pulls him in. "What if they had raped Marlene?" he forces through gritted teeth. "Would you be talking to me like that?" Miguel says nothing. "Try and stop me from doing what I have to do...You're dead to me. Entiendes? Nothing," Chato snaps, and releases his brother after one final long look. Chato storms away. Miguel looks slightly out of sorts, but I'm not entirely sure why. For all we know, he could be planning Chato's death, to keep them all out of hot water with the Senator. He certainly doesn't seem all that pissed about the fact that someone raped his brother. At the very least, he could offer poor Chato a drink!

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