The Odd Couple

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The Odd Couple

DEA! Doug Duffy is briefing his troops on that evening's raid. They plan to hit the club, the recording studio, and Sharonda's house simultaneously. "Now, the target is going to be inside the strip club with the undercover," Doug Duffy continues, and tells the group to get a good look at Bobby, so that no one accidentally plugs him. Doug Duffy explains that Bobby is going to be carrying a pen with an alert button. When they hear it, Delia will be sent in to cover the door. Thirty seconds later, the rest of them hit the front door. "Okay, and remember, we are the good guys. Good luck!" Doug Duffy concludes.

In Houston, Dr. Benben rushes Junie -- who's carrying knapsack as though he's moving in -- into the apartment. "I want to show you this," he says, waving around at his supremely messy apartment. He picks up a destroyed vase. "I feel so violated." Junie makes himself comfortable on a recliner, as Dr. Benben asks him to stay at the apartment and ferret out who ripped it apart. "Man, you don't need me protecting your crib. You need me watching your back, 24/7," Junie opines, then points out that it's not like the burglars even took anything. "I don't keep anything here!" Dr. Benben says. "No cash, no information, no nothing." Junie nods and looks around. "I'm-a need a gun. I'm-a need a few guns," he says, thoughtfully. After a bit of a back and forth about firearms, Junie convinces Dr. Benben to come with him to pick up some weaponry.

Apparently, the best place to get some guns in Houston is the neighborhood's upscale mortuary. I can't wait for the Fishers to run out of cash and be forced to start selling guns on the black market on the next season of Six Feet Under. The manager shows them to a casket that's been filled with guns. "We have whatever you may need," he tells them, with a Vanna White-esque wave of his arm. It's very funny. He shows them a few pistols, and then removes a particularly deadly one. "If you want to go, 'down and dirty,'" he says -- complete with air quotes -- "we have this weapon. It's very nice. It will only cost you five." Dr. Benben immediately hands the firearm to Junie. "Lovely," he chokes. June wonders, conversationally, if he has any 15-shot mags. The mortician sniffs that those are hard to come by, but then slides open a drawer, revealing several deadly-looking weapons. "Might I interest you gentlemen in the sawed-off?" he asks delicately, removing a shotgun. "No, but you can interest me in this right here," Junie says, taking out a semi-automatic. "Oh, my goodness, that will get your point across," the mortician smiles. At this, Dr. Benben drags Junie over to a corner and wonders pointedly if they really need all that firepower. "It's better to have and not need, than need and not have," Junie tells him serenely. He's very Zen, no?

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