The Odd Couple

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The Odd Couple

Casa de Queso. Joey plays videogames in his room. Miguel and Marlene come inside and very nicely interrogate him about his recent communion wine/chalice shenanigans. "Sweetie, only the priest can do that," Marlene tells him. "What you did was a sin," Miguel explains. Joey sniffles that he knows that, and Miguel asks why he did it, then. "I wanted to know what a sin felt like," Joey offers. Well, that was a stupid reason. Try "Because I wanted to drink some wine, because I'm twelve." Marlene and Miguel just exchange looks. Whoever could be teaching Joey bad behavior? Not his drug-kingpin father, surely!

We cut to a steam room, where two policemen and a guy with a towel over his face sit and shoot the shit. Chato looking evil, mad, bruised, and pretty hot, stalks down the hall with a knife in each hand. He slits the guard's throat and then kicks his way into the steam room. He takes out Policeman #1 by throwing a knife right into his chest. That rocked. He threw a knife! Into a guy's chest! He takes out the Policeman #2 by flinging him against the wall and stabbing him several times in the gut. The other guy? With the towel over his face? It's Lazareno, who knows that his time on this earth is very nearly up. Chato struts over to him and backs him into a corner. Lazareno screams as Chato bears down on him with the knife, and we cut to black.

Tuesday: the finale! Guns! Torture! Blow-torches! Shooting! Running! Screaming! Nudity? Keep your fingers crossed.

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