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The Odd Couple

Eventually, Delia must have wrestled the name of the club out of Dr. Evil, because she shortly arrives at the Nota Bada Bing. In the background, a woman in thigh-high patent leather boots really works the pole. I must admit, those are some impressive skills. How does she manage not to slide down the pole? I think I would hit my head on the stage. On the other hand, concussions are hot!

In the back room of the Nota Bada Bing, the DEA Agent I called Eddie in the last recap (who it turns out is ACTUALLY named Bobby. Who knew?) and Truck continue to sample their wares.

Out front, Delia approaches a man who's signing for a shipment of soda and flashes her badge. She explains that she's there doing a routine background check of one Mr. Rolando Porter. The manager -- who gives his name as Shawn Williams -- plays dumb.

In the back of the club, Bobby is still trying to sell Truck on his ridiculous van-load of CDs. Mid-spiel, he glances up and sees Delia on the security monitor. He blanches. Meanwhile, Truck is pretty high and thinking very, very slowly about the stupid CDs. "I don't know," he says. Bobby looks thoughtful and leaps in front of the security monitor. "There's a whole other world of hustling out there, if you'd just open is eyes and see it," he tells Truck, who simply sniffs.

Outside, Delia apologizes for bothering Shawn and goes. Shawn looks very perturbed and runs toward the back.

In the security room, Bobby is still talking a mile a minute. "I got these cats that wanna pay me quarter-million cash for this truckload, sight unseen. Now, you gotta decide if you wanna do business," he says rapidly. Shawn bursts in and tells Truck that he needs to talk to him right now. Outside. "I'm busy," Truck drools. Shawn insists that it's very important. The two of them go into the hallway. Left alone in the security room, Bobby whips out his cell phone.

The hallway. "What's UP?" Truck yelps. "The DEA just left up out there, that's what's up," Shawn says. Truck almost screams. "DEA?" he says, and then tries to run into the other room. Shawn grabs him and tells Truck the DEA agent was doing a background check on Rolando. "Damn, Shawn," Truck breathes, and rests his head against Shawn's shoulder. "Man, you about gave me a heart attack, a'ight?"

In the security room, Bobby asks someone to put Doug Duffy on the line.

Outside, Truck tells Shawn that Rolando just applied for a job with the DEA. Shawn finds this entire concept hard to comprehend. "Yeah, man. Nothing to worry about," Truck assures him. Shawn's all, why didn't you tell me? "Why would I tell you before he got the job, man?" Truck drawls. Man, he has got to lay off the sauce. "Because I just told that woman a lie, man," Shawn reminds him.

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