The Odd Couple

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The Odd Couple

Inside, Bobby tells Doug Duffy to get Delia off the street and keep her in the office, because she may have just compromised his position.

Truck strolls back into the security room and Bobby jumps all over him. "You got the Feds on you?" he asks, stridently. "Is this place hot?" Truck furrows his already confused brow and swears that they're clean. "Then who was that bitch?" Bobby asks. "The one I saw talking to Shawn. I saw her flash a badge." Truck shakes his head stupidly. "She's DEA," Truck says, like this makes it all okay. "DEA?" Bobby yelps. He runs for the door. Truck grabs him and they tussle briefly. "You got the DEA on you?" Bobby yells. "Hold up. They doing a background check on my cousin," Truck explains. "I got a cousin that works with Houston PD." Bobby shakes Truck's hands off him. "You got a cousin that's a cop?" he asks. Truck tells him to dial it down. "You have got to stop yelling, man. You're killing my high," he says. At last, he explains that His Cousin the Cop does "all [his] security and...and other things." Bobby waves a finger in the air. "I don't like this crap, okay?" he announces. "This place could be wired." Truck insists that there's no way. "This is my spot," he says, slapping himself in the chest for emphasis. Shawn watches coolly as Truck tells Bobby to settle down, and promises that they'll figure this all out. "All right. Who's your cousin?" Bobby asks. "Cause I want to meet his ass." Truck almost yawns. "It's coooool," he promises. "You can meet him, baby. Ain't no thang." He and Bobby exchange a long look. "If you're trying to set me up, I'm gonna kill you," Bobby finally says, and stomps out. Once he's safely in the hallway, he exhales a giant sigh.

Back at the jail, several uniformed officers break into Chato's cell. They beat him, hitting him first, hard, in the stomach. Chato groans and they drag him out of the cell and into...

...the bathroom. Where they continue to beat the shit out of him. Blood flies out of Chato's mouth and onto the floor. One of the officers whacks Chato across the face with a billy stick, slicing open the bridge of his nose. Lazareno watches through a barred window as the officers pause in the beating to bend Chato over a urinal. Oh, dear. Well, there's no way this is going to work out for the best. Unless they're just asking him to examine the grout. One of the cops loosens his belt buckle and drops his pants. Lazareno smokes and languidly smiles as his men tear down Chato's pants. Lazareno takes a swig from his flask. Chato screams and looks right at Lazareno as the police rape him. Yikes. What an unfortunate turn of event for the old Sex Eye.

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