The Odd Couple

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The Odd Couple

Across the country in Mexico City, Miguel enters a luxurious office. A well-groomed secretary leaps from behind her desk and tells him that the senator is "occupado. " "Tranquilizate," Miguel sneers, and walks right on in.

"Is this a bad time?" Miguel asks the senator, who is occupied misting several hothouse orchids. "I expected better from you than to barge in unannounced," the senator responds. Miguel snits that he expected the senator to return his phone calls. The senator shrugs that if this is about Chato, he's sorry, but it was a decision of the Supreme Court. "Senador, the case against Chato was opened at your request," Miguel points out. "I know this." The senator shrugs. "After my family has given you our support for decades" Miguel says, sitting down. The senator sighs. "Your family does not own me," he says. "There was a time when your family didn't own the roof over their heads." Miguel glances down at the carpet and then up at the older man. "If I had known then what you criminals would do to my country..." the senator trails off. "You wouldn't have taken our money?" Miguel asks calmly. Ooh, burn. The men stare at each other for quite a bit, before the senator turns back to his orchids and tells Miguel that the President wants to "strike a blow against the narcotraficantes," and that it's certainly fine with him. "There is nothing I can do for your brother," he says, firmly. Miguel shrugs and opens a manila envelope, from which he removes a videotape. "Let's talk about your family," he offers, standing and putting the tape into a nearby VCR. "You should watch this," he says. The tape contains security footage of Lazareno selling Miguel his old guns, which we all saw last week. "I'm hearing rumors that you have hopes to be Mexico's next ambassador to the United Nations," Miguel says conversationally. "I can't imagine that happening once the whole world sees your nephew selling guns to a narco." The senator knows he's been bested and sighs loudly. "I have those guns. With serial numbers that can be traced to the Ciudad Juarez municipal police," Miguel continues. "Would you like to see them?"

Bobby storms into the DEA with a real bee in his bonnet, and stomps over to unleash it on Delia. She's not particularly happy to see him, either. "What do you want? Why did you have me pulled off the street?" she asks. Bobby wonders if she was doing a background check in the club, or what. "What does it have to do with you?" she asks. Bobby tells her that the man she was running a check on is Truck Thomas's cousin, and that Truck Thomas is his mark. Delia manages to convince him that she didn't know the Nota Bada Bing was part of his undercover. "I'm sorry, Bobby. Really," she tells him. He finally nods. "I was able to make it work for me," he says. "We're taking down Truck Thomas tonight." Bobby pours himself a cup of coffee. "I'll throw in his cousin as a bonus," he says. "So, Rolando Porter's dirty?" Delia asks. Bobby shrugs that it sure looks that way, and tells her that he's arranged a meeting. "What if he knows you?" Delia points out. Bobby furrows his brow, so Delia has to spell it out for him: "He's a cop. He could have seen you in court. Could be anything." Bobby makes a face like he can't believe he never thought of this himself. "Wow," he breathes. "Why did I [ask to meet him]?" he asks himself. At this, Delia offers to be there when the deal goes down. She points out that the manager knows she's doing a background check, and so she has a reason to be on the premises. "And you're gonna have an agent on the inside," she finishes. And you, Delia, are going to get killed, because you don't seem to remember that Truck Thomas thinks you're some little chippy who wants to have sex with him to get a recording deal. And then who will take care of your horse? Bobby thinks about it. "Let me do this," Delia pleads.

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