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Increase the Peace
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It's a dark and stormy day in Gilboa. King Silas stands on a rooftop as the rain pours down on him and the thunder pounds around him. He raises his hands up to the heavens and yells out, "Don't GOOOOOOO!" and then a bunch of pigeons take flight and swarm around him. Huh?

Oh. Turns out it's a dream that David is having, I guess. Because then they cut to David sleeping, and his dead brother is sitting by his bedside, and the brother also says, "Don't go." David wakes up and realizes he's alone in his tiny apartment with the giant piano. But do you get that "don't go" is an important phrase? I think you do.

Back at the palace (is it a palace, really? I'm just going to call it that so you know I mean the King's house), there are lots of pigeons everywhere. I think Gilboa has a pigeon problem. What's the natural predator of the pigeon, anyway? I just looked it up, and the answer is everything from hawks to raccoons. The more you know. The King stands on his balcony, reads the newspaper with its headlines about peace with Gath, and watches the pigeons flying over the city. Pigeons, doves, Holy Spirit. It's all symbolic.

Queen Rose is commanding over an army of servants, explaining to them that it's important to be perfect today. They are preparing for a dinner with the leaders of Gath, so that a peace treaty can be signed. The Queen feels that if they do their jobs properly, the treaty is more likely to be signed. So she's like the Gilboan Martha Stewart.

Thomasina walks out to the balcony to fetch the king. He takes one last sip of his coffee and notes that a pigeon has pooped on the saucer. Thomasina orders the doormen to "mind the eaves" and get rid of the pigeons.

Queen Rose helps Silas with his tie, reminding him that there are going to be a lot of photos today as the historic peace treaty is signed, so he has to look sharp. She also commends him for brokering this treaty himself, without the Reverend's help. As the Gathians approach outside, Silas meets with Edward James Almost, his pock-marked General, and admits that David needs to be taken out. He wants the General to do it as soon as the treaty is signed, and keep it quiet. And based on what happened to Dead Man Walking in the previous episode, we know that can be done in this universe.

David carries a television into his apartment so he can watch the coverage of the treaty-signing. They must not have converted to digital yet in Gilboa, because he just plugs this huge television in and gets perfect reception. The Gathian contingent is heavily military, suggesting that Gath is more of a military dictatorship than a monarchy or whatever. It consists of that Italian guy from Oz -- who is the leader, General Shaw -- and Miguel Ferrer. Did you guys know he's George Clooney's cousin? Seriously. His mother is Rosemary Clooney. Anyway, Silas and Shaw banter a bit and then prepare to sign the treaty for the cameras.

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