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Increase the Peace

Meanwhile, in his apartment. David is watching. His mom shows up, and he tries to get her to watch the signing, since he feels it is the reason his brother died. Mama just wants to go pick up her death benefit check and get back home. In case you didn't pick up on this, Mama Shepherd isn't so enamored with the king or the government or David being involved in any of that.

As the two leaders prepare to sign, Miguel Ferrer advises his leader not to sign before they have a chance to check the language and make sure it's what they agreed upon. Shaw also wants to know why David Shepherd isn't there, since it was his actions that led to the treaty in the first place. Watching at home, David wonders why they aren't signing and his mother is all negative about the government and telling David to just move back home. Finally, Silas has someone call David and summon him. David runs out the door over his mother's protests. She even says the magic words of the episode: "Don't go." He goes anyway.

The doormen are having a hard time getting rid of the pigeons. That's all I have to say about that. I mean, I enjoy the comic relief and all that, but their little subplot doesn't gain any importance until the end of the episode, at which point I will fully recap all of the details.

David is being briefed by Thomasina on how to behave at the treaty dinner, like what glass to use and what fork to use, and she warns him that one slip-up could ruin the Gath peace. Really? If he uses the wrong fork, they're just going to storm away from the table? That's hardcore, dude. Michelle shows up and offers to help David's mom get her check at Veteran's Affairs. Silas grouses from the doorway that it's time to go. As they walk down the stairs, David thanks Silas for negotiating this peace, and Silas says that it's tough being king, and all he can do is look for signs and try to interpret them. He advises David to do the same. So if David wasn't already trying to figure out what his crazy dreams meant, now his mind is working overtime. David realizes that his role today is to shut up. Let's see how well he sticks to that vow.

They enter the fancy dining room and David is introduced to General Shaw, who compliments David's bravery on the battlefield, when he waved the bloody sheet. Jack swaggers over but is stopped before he can enter the dining room and is told that he wasn't assigned a seat at the table. As he exits, humiliated, the press asks why he was shut out, and he claims that he was just telling them he couldn't attend, since he has more important things to do.

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