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Increase the Peace

Rose enters the dining room, where the meal has ended and everyone is standing up. She gives a signal and her servant army marches in and, in a synchronized fashion, resets the table for the treaty signing. The leaders head over to sign, and of course Miguel Ferrer wants to check the text of the treaty first. He immediately claims that there's a discrepancy in the wording, and refuses to sign, though Silas's aide insists that nothing was changed. Gath's contingent starts walking out. David grabs Shaw and begs him to sign the treaty. Miguel Ferrer threatens David and tells him to bug off, and then they all storm out. Silas turns to David and says, "Congratulations, Shepherd. We're going back to war." How is this David's fault again?

William (the Queen's brother, the CrossGen guy, remember?) is eating a salad in his office. A mole from inside the King's court approaches to report how horribly things went at the treaty-signing dinner, and William is pleased. The mole gets an envelope of cash, and William tells his aide to have the Treasury make their announcement now, so that he can make the King's bad day even worse.

David is approached by Reverend Samuels in a corridor. When did the good Rev get there? He just kind of pops up places. David thinks he screwed up the whole treaty, and he's been having a hard time sleeping lately because he's been having bad dreams. Rev. Samuels advises David to read the signs and figure out what his dreams are telling him to do. David thinks he should never have come today, and that's why his brother said "Don't go." The problem with those vague dreams is that they can be interpreted in any number of ways. If his brother had just said, "Don't go to the treaty signing," this all could have been avoided.

Silas meets with his advisors. A runner comes in with a message from Gath; they are waiting and have offered a ridiculous counter-negotiation on the treaty. Silas realizes that they never intended to sign the treaty in the first place, and this whole thing was a farce. Another advisor comes in and tells Silas that the Treasury is bankrupt. Silas immediately knows that his brother-in-law was responsible. He storms over to the CrossGen offices and starts yelling at William for ruining the thought of peace and continuing their grudge. Silas grabs a letter opener and holds it to William's throat. William says that Silas won't last without him and Silas says William should just watch. Are we sure these two aren't in love? Silas storms out and tells Thomasina to get a car because they're going to Gehenna, to hell. Another Biblical allusion. Also, I kind of enjoy that the king just gets away with jacking people up and threatening them multiple times per week. I think we all have that impulse from time to time, and Silas gets to actually do it.

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