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Increase the Peace

Jack finds out that his credit card got declined for the shopping spree. He doesn't seem all that upset, but notes that the Treasury must be bankrupt. Oh, that's right. He's not surprised, since he's in cahoots with William. Not sure what the purpose of Jack's scenes were this week, though.

Over at Veteran's Affairs, Mrs. Shepherd continues to wait in line and watches on television as the news reports the failed treaty. David shows up and gives her a hug and she goes off on a loud rant about how horribly the government treats its people and how there's no meaning in her son's death. The other people in line just kind of stare at her and nobody shouts "Huzzah" or anything. She just wants David to come home, so he walks out with her. Don't they have mail in Gilboa? Couldn't they just mail her the check?

King Silas and his entourage pull up to a warehouse-looking place that is guarded by military. They let Silas through, and he walks through a series of hallways where he finds an old man (Brian Cox!) sitting at a desk. Silas calls him Abaddon, and it seems that Abaddon is going crazy from being isolated for a long time. Through the crazy, we find out that Abaddon was formerly the king of a nation that Silas annexed. Silas told everyone that Abaddon was dead, and the people rejoiced. Now Silas wants to know where the gold from Abaddon's kingdom has been hidden for the last 30 years. Abaddon doesn't get why Silas thinks he would give it up now, after 30 years, so Silas shows him half of a photograph. We don't see it, but it must be a female relative that Abaddon had been told was dead. And Silas says there are others in the part of the picture Abaddon wasn't given. Whoever it is, it's enough to convince Abaddon to give up the gold.

Now the news is reporting that the Treasury is just fine and it was a small glitch in the system. William watches and wonders where Silas got enough gold to replace what he pulled out so quickly. Rose shows up and makes some smart remark, then asks William to stop being a brat, while admitting that Silas is being a brat as well. She says she needs both men to buck up and let it go. William wonders why he should listen to his sister. She says that they had good reason to banish William's son Andrew from court, but they might be convinced to let him back in. Ooh. Intrigue.

Mrs. Shepherd waits as David plays his fancy piano one last time before they head back to the farm.

Michelle talks to her father and insists that David is not at fault for the peace treaty going down. Silas thinks Michelle sounds awfully fond of David, and he reminds her of a mysterious vow that she took. We aren't told what the vow is, but apparently Michelle took it of her own accord and asked her father to remind her if she ever appeared close to breaking it. Michelle looks sad when her father reminds her. I'm totally distracted throughout the scene because the heels on Ian McShane's shoes are super high! Is he really short or something? He looks like Prince.

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