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Increase the Peace

The Gath contingent heads to their cars to leave. David and his mother are also leaving town, and on the television in the back of the taxi, David sees someone holding up a sign that says, "Don't go!" David yells at the driver to stop, gets his mother out, and then commandeers that taxi. He speeds through the streets of Shiloh until he comes upon the Gath contingent leaving town, and then crashes his car into the motorcade. Well, that was dramatic.

Miguel Ferrer drags David out of his car and David punches him in the face. This melee leads to Gathian and Gilboan military pulling their weapons on one another. Silas wades into the middle of it (how did he get there so fast?) and orders everyone to stand down while he and Shaw take a walk. Shaw claims that his people see how the Gilboans live, and how they built the beautiful city of Shiloh, and they want that kind of wealth. Silas thinks for a minute and then offers up Port Prosperity, because the trade revenue will help Gath build their own city. Silas says that if they can have six months of real and lasting peace, he'll give Gath the port. Shaw hesitates for a while but then agrees as the press cameras click.

Silas announces the terms of the treaty in his conference room. There is a mixed response, since people think he's giving up too much. Silas defends it staunchly, and claims that people will get used to the idea and see the wisdom of it in time. David likes what he hears, and after Silas leaves, he tries to chase down Michelle. She totally blows him off without an explanation.

David goes to see Silas. He gives a big speech about how inspired he is by the king's actions, and he wants to stay in Shiloh and help. Silas thanks him and also asks about Michelle. David says that there's nothing there, and Silas is satisfied. General Pockmark shows up and asks about the secret assassination. Silas has changed his mind yet again. Fickle! He thinks David will be helpful to them now. General Pockmark breaks the news that their sniper went radio silent after the order and it might be too late to rescind it. I hope David doesn't die! Except this whole show would kind of be over if he did. Then again, the ratings haven't been great, so maybe they had this scene in the tank just in case they needed it to end things early. Nah.

David bids his mother farewell as the sniper takes aim. Meanwhile, the doorman tosses a grenade into the pigeon's hidey-hole and blasts them out. They fly away and happen to fly over David just as the sniper takes his shot. The bullet hits one of the pigeons instead of David, who turns around and sees the dead pigeon in a Christ-like pose on the ground. I think it would be awesome if the pigeon lifted up its head and its dying words were, "Don't go!" As corny as this show can be at times, it's not quite that corny. And that's too bad.

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