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It's No Sacrifice

Queen Rose is delighted. Delighted! Why, you ask? Has she arranged for her son to have a sex tape (with a lady) released? Has she successfully blackmailed her brother into continuing to fund the kingdom? Possibly, but right now she's delighted that the ballet will be reopening tonight, and she's getting good PR because she arranged for the first few rows of seats to go to the commoners. And people are lining up around the block!

Meanwhile, David is still operating as the press secretary for the kingdom, and we learn via a reporter's question that Reverend Samuels isn't too happy about the King's announced plan to hand Port Prosperity back over to Gath as part of the peace treaty. David brushes the question off like a pro and brings the subject back to the ballet, and how he's looking forward to taking his seat tonight.

King Silas is holding an advisory panel meeting. His advisors tells him that protesters are blocking drilling on a reservoir designed to replace what they will lose when they give over Port Prosperity, and the Reverend is behind it. Silas says curtly that he's not interested in hearing anything from Samuels, and gets the scribe to delete the mention from the record. I think that will go well. In a show about God and divine rulers, it's always a good idea to ban the man of God from the premises. Moving on, Michelle is back to pitch her father again on the health care issue. Silas is condescending as usual, but this time Michelle has fancy graphs and charts to demonstrate that ignoring the health care issue is causing the kingdom money, not to mention popular support. Silas is still condescending, although slightly impressed. I don't know why Michelle sets herself up for failure like this.

Rose waits outside the meeting room with Jack and Thomasina. She makes Jack promise that he won't deliver any surprises tonight, and looks meaningfully into his eyes. Thomasina reports calmly that there's a seating change; one donor has given a hundred grand to be allowed to sit next to David at the ballet. The Queen can't believe it, since they only got $10,000 for a seat next to the King, and Jack smirks. Rose comments, "I see Silas commands his thousands while David brings his hundred thousands." Clever Biblical allusion there. Jack makes some smart comment, and Rose tells him (in so many words) that instead of expressing jealousy, he should be doing something noble with his own life so that he might get David's good press. Rose swans into the meeting room and demands that it break up so that Silas can make the ballet. Everyone kind of looks pissed at her. I don't think Rose gives a crap.

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