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It's No Sacrifice

Michelle and Paul sneak into the King and Queen's bedroom, and she shows him the King's sock drawer. That's her ace in the hole? Boring. Paul is charmed, though, and he agrees to take a look at Michelle's proposal and could get his fund to match any governmental funding. Michelle can't believe it was that easy, but Paul adds that they'll have to work closely on this, which he's happy about. But then Paul makes the mistake of revealing that Rose called him this afternoon to tell him that Michelle wouldn't have a date at the ballet and he should be there.

Rose poses for photos with patrons. Michelle walks up and confronts her about her plotting, right out in the open. Perhaps they should go somewhere more private for the family squabble? Michelle argues that David is a good person, but Rose thinks that David is only human, and that Michelle would have lost interest in him eventually. Michelle accuses her mother of being jealous of the attention that David's getting in the press, and points out that her family can spare some attention once in a while. Rose lays out her view of the monarchy: that the country only works if the people look up to them, and she works hard to make sure that continues. She continues, "This country was nothing before it had a king, stone-age clans at war. It's why I designed every inch of this monarchy as I did, the color of the flag, down to, yes, the china. So they could have something to be inspired by." Rose works up a head of steam now, and says that she doesn't give a fig about ballet, and she set this whole thing up so that the people could see her family perform. Michelle stutters, "I thought... you loved ballet." Rose looks disappointed that her daughter could be so dumb, and walks away.

Silas and Mistress cuddle by their son's bedside and discuss his prognosis. Silas is sad that he hasn't been able to be there for his second family, but Mistress is glad he's there now. A monitor starts beeping and the doctor runs in and says the kid is crashing and they need to bring in a team. Thomasina hustles Silas out of there. As Silas waits to find out his son's fate, he demands Thomasina's car keys. She tries to put him off by offering to take him wherever he wants to go, but Silas ain't having it.

Reverend Samuels is picked up by some cops and taken to a desolate stretch of road, where he's dropped off and left alone. Within a few moments, headlights appear and a car pulls off the road and parks. Silas is alone behind the wheel. He gets out and Samuels asked why he was arrested for treason. Silas lets him know that it was all a ruse, and he needs counsel. Silas gives a big speech about how his life has usually been pretty sweet, but now God seems to be punishing him, and if this is about Port Prosperity, he'll rescind the offer. Reverend Samuels says that God doesn't tell him everything, and hasn't said anything about Silas in a while. Silas protests that he has made the country safe, and he thinks God and Reverend Samuels would be pleased. Samuels says there needs to be a sacrifice equal to the sin, and only Silas knows how to make the punishment fit the crime. So this is some Old Testament God shit going on here. Not the lovey-dovey Jesus stuff in the New Testament. Silas thinks he's already given up too much, and he won't give up his son. He doesn't mention his son, but it's obvious that's what he's talking about. Samuels suggests that Silas "find another lamb," but Silas retorts, "Not even God is that cruel." Old Testament God is, for sure.

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