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It's No Sacrifice

Very early the next morning (or later that night), Claudia is in bed with Jack. She tells him that David turned her down and left because he seems to still be in love with Michelle. Claudia thinks this is a prime opportunity for her to get it on with Jack, but Jack tosses her and another skank out of his room. Jack's creepy friend pops into the room (or was there the whole time?) and says that he got the photos of David and Claudia, and asks if Jack still wants to leak them.

Over in the palace, Michelle is using her laptop when someone sends her photos of David and Claudia making out. Rose sees them over her shoulder and points out that she was right about David's lack of virtue. Michelle is upset. So did Jack leak them to protect his sister, help his mother, or because he wants David all to himself?

In the hospital, Silas's son wakes up and asks for Daddy. Mistress kisses her boy and says that daddy is there. Silas looks heavenward, heaves a big sigh, and then kneels down and kisses his son. When Mistress goes to smooth his hair, Silas says no and walks away. Mistress asks, "What is it?" Silas replies, "The cost." He walks out of the room and leaves the hospital, fighting back tears the whole way. And you know what he didn't do? Flare his nostrils. Because he's a way better actor than the kid playing Jack.

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