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Butterfly Effect

King Silas and his Nerdy Scribe are working on an official history for the peace forged between Gilboa and Gath. The Scribe is a total hack, by the way, but in a way that Silas digs, so I guess he won't be the next to be assassinated. Silas is visited by Dylan Baker, who is apparently called William, and the scribe leaves. William suggests carefully that a truce might not be the best thing for the country, and that maybe Gilboa should invade Gath right now. Silas thinks the people want peace. William says that they can have it in a year, but CrossGen (evil military-supply-providing company) needs the war to continue right now, and William works for/owns CrossGen. He reminds Silas that CrossGen's money made him king. There are allusions to the fact that Silas had to give up the woman he loved and marry Rose, who is William's sister, in order to become king. That kind of goes against the divinely chosen thing, no? Silas tries to resist, but William says that he can pull all of his money out of the country, and their economic system would collapse. Silas tries to pretend like he's too moral and ethical to restart the war, but William points out that Silas sold his soul long ago, for power. Not in so many words, but that's the gist.

Silas, who seems a little tipsy after his glasses of wine, sees Thomasina in the hallway and asks her to get him a car. At least he's not driving. The car speeds him to a modest home somewhere outside the city, where he's welcomed by an ethnic woman who kisses him and gives him soup. And listens to him. And kisses him again. A little kid cries out from the other room, and Silas heads in to check on his illegitimate son. Ooh. This just got interesting.

So the war has started back up again, as William wanted, and things aren't going well. Silas gives David an announcement to make to the press, and he's shocked that Silas wants to re-engage and attack Gath's capitol. He tries to convince Silas that he's making a big mistake and Silas grabs David by the neck and SLAMS him into the wall! Bad ASS! Silas hisses that puny little David shouldn't try to tell him what to do anyway, and also tells David to stop kissing Michelle in public so that Silas won't have to keep any kissy-face photos out of the newspaper anymore. David looks like he might have just peed himself a little.

Reverend Samuels meets Silas outside the capitol building. Silas acknowledges that they've had their differences, but he needs Samuels to go on the air and band the people together to gain their support. Samuels says that he won't do it, because he knows that Silas purposely withheld air support during the Gath ambush so that his soldiers would be taken hostage. Silas knew that would garner public support for the eventual Gilboan offensive, and was willing to sacrifice his own son. Samuels tells Silas that God no long wants him to be king, and won't protect him or his family. Further, he promises that God will find someone else to be king. Silas says, "To hell with God!" Samuels pretty much promises that Silas won't live long without God's protection. Gee, I wonder who will be the new king?

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