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Butterfly Effect

David returns to his apartment and finds his doormen buddies there. He thinks he's going to be arrested, but it turns out that they have an invitation for him to come to the palace, and they've also delivered the fancy piano that David played on the night of the banquet. Damn. That shit must have been heavy.

Rose and Whore Aide walk through the grounds of their version of Camp David with a reporter, talking about the upcoming Gath peace talks. Thomasina hustles up with Rose's cell phone. Rose wants to know where it was, promising Thomasina that it's okay to talk about in front of the press. Thomasina says it was in the back seat of Jack's car, along with a red bra. Rose turns to Whore Aide and says, "So then I did give it to you. Unless this belongs to someone else?" Whore Aide runs off and the reporter asks if that was off the record, and Rose gives her permission for the reporter to use it. By all means! Make him look like a huge pussy hound! Damn. That Rose is a smooth operator.

William rides in his car, talking to someone about how it's time to get rid of Silas, and they'll need a replacement. Turns out he's talking to Jack, who's going all Chuck Bass with the slitted eyes and evil looks. I hope he starts wearing ascots.

David meets with Silas at the palace. Silas says that his brother was a hero, and adds that he understands if David needs to leave the city now. David says that it's braver to stay, he thinks. He turns and looks at Michelle, who's walking by the window at that very moment. Did Silas manipulate that too?

David goes outside and meets up with Michelle. They hold hands and then embrace wordlessly. Inside, Rose notes that Michelle likes David, and so does Silas. Rose tells her husband that she's still a little awestruck by him after all these years, when you know she isn't in awe of anyone, except maybe herself. Michelle sees her mother waiting on the front steps of the house, so she leaves David standing by a fence, looking out at the water. Silas continues watching from inside. As David stands there, a MONARCH (HINT HINT) butterfly alights on his finger. And then a whole swarm of them flutter around and form... wait for it... a crown on his head. And Silas sees the whole thing. And dude is NOT happy.

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