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Butterfly Effect

As the speech continues, we see various people watching it, including the family from the opening scene on the farmhouse. As they goof off, their mom tells them to watch the speech because their father died so that this city could be built. The guilt trip is interrupted by a horn honking outside, and the young man from earlier runs out to find their auto repair shop has a customer -- Said from Oz. Damn, I love that actor. I miss Oz and their crazy bullshit. Anyway, Said is playing the aforementioned Reverend Samuels, and he's having some car trouble, which is why he's not in Shiloh, I guess. He introduces himself to our young man, David Shepherd (holy Dickensian naming conventions). David explains that his dad isn't around because he died in a war, and then fixes the holy man's car with some duct tape. Reverent Samuels is impressed. Okay, here's where it gets weird, and I had to call my husband in to watch the scene and see if I'm nuts. So David stands up and the reverend notices that he has a smudge of grease or whatever on his forehead, and suddenly the reverend gets the faraway eyes and he EXTREMELY TENDERLY CARESSES David's forehead in the guise of wiping off the grease. It was just a very sexual gesture, and my husband's assessment was, "They're about to GET IT ON." So it's not just me. So then David refuses money for fixing the car and the reverend gives him a fancy watch that is broken, but is has a butterfly symbol engraved on the back. Then the reverend drives off while David stares at his broken watch. So I totally thought that David is secretly gay but his simple farm family doesn't know but the reverend picked up on it and was telegraphing his willingness to totally do it in the hayloft or whatever. I clearly have been watching too much basic cable because that is not AT ALL what that scene was about. I'll shorthand it for you: David was being anointed because he is the new chosen one. And not chosen for sex-type activities. Chosen for ruling over Gilboa. Um, spoiler alert if you've never read the Old Testament, I guess.

King Silas Windbag is still giving his speech about how he had a vision of Shiloh. He tells a well-worn story about how a swarm of butterflies appeared before him and then settled on his head like a crown, and he took that as God's signal that they should rebuild Shiloh. To quote Tony Soprano, "That sounds pretty gay." Really? A crown of butterflies? A newscaster tells us that the king started out as a foot soldier and is now the beloved king of Gilboa.

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