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Butterfly Effect

King and Queen are in their gigantic walk-in closet, getting ready for the banquet. Queen Rose has lost her cell phone. I know that sounds inconsequential, but it's a major plot point later on. She mentions that she trusted it to her new secretary, the one we all know is a whore because she wore a red bra and it was peeking out of her shirt. King Silas complains that his back hurts, and Queen Rose tells him to pop a pill for the pain. He'd rather drink wine, but she tells him matter-of-factly that wine makes his eyes droop, and he'll be having lots of photos taken tonight.

Cut to David talking to the press and having his photo taken. Reporters yell out questions, and one asks if his dad is proud of him. That's a bizarre question to ask. What if he was a bastard? And also, given all the media coverage, you'd think his entire family history would already be known. Do some reporting, reporter! Anyway, David says that his dad died in the Unification War. Nosy Reporter asks why his mother isn't there, and David says that his mother never approved of his military career. Follow-up: "Why's that?" Good one. David quips, "You might have heard about my father." Which for some reason was my favorite line of the night, and well-delivered. King Silas shows up and the two men stand and have photos taken. Silas is clearly an old pro at this and he talks David through it. Once the photos are done, Silas tells David that he handled the press well, and David says it's because he has six older brothers.

David waits like ten seconds and then walks into the cocktail party. All the single ladies would like to put a ring on it, clearly, as they are openly staring at him. Even when he goes to get a drink, the lady bartender slips him her digits. Everyone quiets down and King Silas delivers some remarks about how just the war is. Reverend Samuels arrives and makes eye contact with Silas, who then launches into the butterfly story again. Nearby, Jack is basically like, "Enough with the butterflies, already" and his mother is like, "Get used to it, because you'll be king if I have to cut a bitch to make it happen." Dylan Baker is lurking in the background like the Three Men and a Baby boy.

Rev. Samuels meets up with David, and David shows that he fixed that watch from so many years ago. Samuels doesn't understand why David is hiding by the bar when this should be the biggest night of his young life. And then he basically tells David to go get drunk and get laid, but don't get caught by the press. Damn. David mulls over that advice while photographers capture his every move.

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