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Rebel, Rebel

Open on a cornfield. Is Shoeless Joe going to step out for a catch? Is this Iowa? Are gay couples staging a wedding-in? Oh, it's the Shepherd farm. David and his younger brother Ethan are walking around and checking the crops. David's on a two-day furlough to visit family. He wonders why Ethan wouldn't take the money he offered, and Ethan says he doesn't want Silas's money. Looks like someone inherited his mother's tinfoil-hat government distrust! David explains that he just wants to help out now that their older brother is dead, and since he can't (won't) be there in person, he sent money. This discussion of the ethics of familial responsibility is interrupted by Ma Shepherd calling the boys in for dinner.

At the dinner table, David's brothers tease him about his recent tabloid activity. One of the brothers, Daniel, is flipping through television channels to "check the score," but he finds that the king is broadcasting on every channel. He asks his family (who aren't watching the television, so how would they know?) what's going on. Maybe the king is subbing in for the local sportscaster and he's going to announce the highlights from the game? Dummy. Obviously, there's some sort of major announcement or catastrophe coming.

Cut to Silas explaining to his public the terms of the peace treaty he negotiated in the previous episode. He's returning Port Prosperity to Gath as promised. But he's also giving back all the land that Gilboa won in the Battle of Prosperity, a wide strip of land north of a river. And guess what's in that strip of land? The Shepherd farm, not to mention like three major cities. WTF? That's like saying, "I'm going to pay you the negotiated amount for this car. We agreed on that. But just as a sign of good faith, let me also sign over my home and firstborn child. That's fair, right?" Ah, dramatic license. I mean, if we'd have some hint that Gath was unhappy with the terms, or given SOME reason for the king to do this other than to create dramatic tension with the Shepherds, I might buy it. But it's kind of horseshit. Anyway, as you'd imagine, the Shepherds aren't happy about this development. Ma Shepherd begs David to talk to the king, but David says he's not nearly important enough to have influence on this decision. His mother urges him to at least try.

On the news, Reverend Samuels gives his reaction to the announcement. He understands that it's the king's right to make this decision, but thinks it's an injustice. Silas, watching this on the news, turns off the TV and takes a big old slug of wine before announcing to his general that everyone wants peace but no one wants to pay the cost. Except that Silas gave away the store when Gath only wanted to buy one item. The general knows that this action is going to stir up a ruckus among Silas's critics. Before Silas can give orders to kill people or whatever, David shows up. Silas wants to know how the Shepherds reacted to the announcement. David says, "They felt betrayed, sir. My father and brother died to defend our home, and you just gave it to the ones who killed them." I think he has a reasonable argument. David starts offering up alternatives to the plan, but Silas says he just wants to know if David is going to be loyal to his family or to his king. David says he sees the merits of both sides. Silas says that there are forces at work beyond them both (i.e. God's will), and he needs David to trust him. General Edward James Almost says that David needs to go to a forum at Port Prosperity and publicly endorse the king's position. David realizes that his family will disown him if he does, but the king says that's why he needs to do it; David's endorsement will carry great weight. General Almost says that David also needs to "identify anyone attempting to undermine the king's decision and bring them to [his] attention." In other words, they'll be jailed and/or executed. Silas brings the matter to a close, claiming that he needs David's help. David looks like he just got an attack of diarrhea. Which he probably did.

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