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Rebel, Rebel

David joins Silas in the kitchen, along with General Almost. The general shows David photos of Ethan from before the rally. David puts the pieces together and realizes that Silas knew the uprising was going to happen and didn't stop it. Silas says that he did it to draw out his enemies and see who was going to go against the king. He adds that people can protest all the want, but if they try to start a war, there's a problem. David wants to know what's going to happen to Ethan. Silas says that he committed treason, even if he did save Michelle's life, and must be tried for it. Seeing David's face, Silas softens and says that he'll let Ethan out on bail if David will take responsibility for making sure he returns to stand trial. David holds back tears and leaves. General Almost doesn't get why David gets special treatment and Silas tells him to stuff it. Silas changes subjects and wonders why William and Rev Samuels weren't captured at the Insurrection Meeting. General Almost says that there was no evidence against them, though some could be manufactured. Silas turns him down, promising that "their day will come."

William sits down in Reverend Samuels's church and asks an unseen buddy why he was warned that the meeting was a trap. Cut to General Almost sitting in a nearby pew. He replies, "Because Silas has grown soft, and is no longer the man I swore to follow." Ooh, palace intrigue. Now that's what I'm talking about!

David drops Ethan off at the Shepherd farmhouse, but Ethan refuses to speak to him. Before going into the house, Ethan orders his brother not to talk to any of them again. Ma Shepherd comes out on the porch and welcomes Ethan home, but all she has for David is a hard look and a slammed door. Burn!

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