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Rebel, Rebel

Silas cooks breakfast for his family while Michelle argues with him about the Port Prosperity handover plan. Silas downplays the public reaction, but Michelle wants him to go to the forum to show he cares. Silas gets pissed off and says that the people can't always get what they want, and being there would only make the situation worse. So he sent his "best man," and somehow Michelle doesn't know who that would be. Cut to David arriving at the forum with his brother Ethan, who's all anti-Silas, and clearly David hasn't told him that he will be supporting the plan publicly. That should go well.

Michelle finds Jack sitting alone and she steals his breakfast since she stomped on out of the kitchen after her father wouldn't listen to her. Jack indicates that he doesn't think what Silas is doing is right either, but he also didn't want to miss out on a good meal. Pragmatic, that Jack. Got to keep up his strength for his next gay rager. Michelle shows her brother the newspaper, which has photos of people burning posters of Silas in effigy. Jack encourages Michelle to continue criticizing their father. I should have realized at this point that Silas had something going on behind the scenes; haven't we learned that a photo doesn't get into the newspaper unless he approves it first?

Jack meets with Uncle Will on the street. Will wants an answer to his offer from the previous episode, to join forces against Silas. Jack won't give one yet, and expresses glee that his uncle is buying Unity News Network (UNN), the largest news station in the country. Jack wants to be involved with it, because Silas needs the media today, so if Jack is controlling the media, his father will kiss his ass. Will gives him the hard sell about joining forces, and Jack says letting him control the station would help him make his decision. I feel like this whole storyline is going to get a lot more interesting when Will's son shows up next week. Um, spoiler alert.

Silas is raging against a valet who spilled coffee on his shirt. The queen placates him until Thomasina comes in and reminds him that he has a meeting. Silas is all annoyed and wants to reschedule, but Thomasina reminds him that he's already rescheduled this meeting twice. Rose finds out the meeting is with Katrina Ghent, and her feathers seem a bit ruffled. Silas insists on rescheduling yet again and kind of glances at his wife to see if she's buying his insistence that he doesn't want to have the meeting. Nice touch by Ian McShane, there. I mean, that's one moment among many awesome moments that he brings to the show.

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