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Rebel, Rebel

In the castle foyer, the security guards (can I just go ahead and call them Rosencrantz and Guildenstern yet?) gossip about how hot Katrina Ghent (played by Leslie Bibb) is and how she's a former centerfold, as Ms. Ghent herself paces around nearby. Thomasina shows up and says the king needs to reschedule. Katrina tries to bribe her (so we know she's got money to spare) to get an audience with the king. Katrina also reveals that she knows Thomasina has an institutionalized sister and pays for her care. So she's hot, beautiful and she does her homework. Thomasina is impressed, but she's still not taking the bribe.

At the rally, some flunky is trying to convince the angry crowd that they'll all be given new homes and new jobs in the resettlement. Ethan yells out that it's all crap, and points out that even his brother the hero is there to protest. Some rando expresses pride in David's actions, and then asks what he thinks about the situation. David gives a big speech about how his father and brother died fighting for their land, but he thinks that peace (and the resulting end of soldiers' deaths) is more important than a piece of land. There is grumbling in the crowd, and then Ethan asks what the king will do if the people refuse to comply. David says that they can stay, but they'll be citizens of Gath. Ethan starts yelling about standing against the king as David begs him to stop, but the crowd has caught fire and it's too late. They start chanting, "Our Blood, Our Land!" and tearing down the Gilboan flag. You say you want a revolution...

Over at UNN, the reporter is explaining that there is overwhelming public support for King Silas's peace plan, which we all know is bullshit. Uncle William and Jack observe the proceedings and discuss how the country needs an information source that isn't run by the king. Jack orders the head of the network to bring in some criticism of the plan on air. The network head, clearly not used to fomenting dissent, seems unsure. Jack adds that later in the day, when the king orders the media out of Port Prosperity so that images of the revolt won't be transmitted to the rest of the country, UNN's cameras should stick around. So suddenly Jack the closeted gay party boy is an expert in media manipulation and Machiavellian politics? That seems a bit off.

Michelle hops in a car and orders her driver to take her to Port Prosperity. Do you think she even knows how to drive? Or where Port Prosperity is? I would enjoy this show a lot more if it were even more ridiculous, like if Michelle hopped in the car and said, "Driver, take me to the moon! What? Why can't you drive there?" We need more out-of-touch royalty.

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