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Rebel, Rebel

Queen Rose is getting her photo taken with some sort of championship soccer team. Silas jokes with her that he hates that team, but Sniveling Aide interrupts to impress upon the king how serious the protests at Port Prosperity are becoming. The king puts him off, and adds that he sent David Shepherd, so it's sorted. Sniveling Aide tries again to explain how bad things are getting, but Silas snarls at him that the people are just throwing a tantrum, so the aide gives up (especially after Thomasina gives him a look like, "Dude, seriously?"). Rose quietly tells Silas to mellow out, because he's going to alienate his staff. She advises him to go to "the countryside" because it always seems to refresh him. Does she know that his mistress lives there? I have to believe that the queen we've seen so far isn't fooled that easily. Silas agrees that he needs a road trip. Cue the wacky hijinks! I bet Thomasina likes to stop at all the 7-11s and buy Slurpees and Twizzlers.

Reverend Samuels meets William in his church. Samuels is surprised that William has even set foot in a church, since he's not a God-fearing man. William says he's there to see the Rev only, and he thinks that things are about to change on the monarchy front. He wants Rev to join forces with him to appoint the new king, just like they worked together to make Silas king back in the day. Rev insists that God appoints a king, not man, but William only worships the almighty dollar so he's not down with all the God talk. William says that he's having a meeting with like-minded folks to discuss what comes next, and the Rev is invited. Samuels still insists that God is the only one who can choose a king.

Instead of going to visit his mistress, Silas is fly fishing in a creek. Thomasina and Sniveling Aide stand nearby. Aide keeps trying to give Silas updates about how horribly things are going at the protest, but Silas keeps fiddling while Rome burns. Or fishing while Port Prosperity burns. Katrina Ghent has somehow tracked Silas down and found waders so that she can join him in the stream. She's persistent, and she also knows how to find the nearest Bass Pro Shop. They banter about how Katrina married some rich old guy and then inherited his money when he croaked. Since she's rich, she wants to buy back her reputation, and asks Silas to make her a Minister (their version of a cabinet member apparently). Silas wonders what credentials she has. Katrina says that she doesn't want the power, and he can assign whomever he wants to do the actual work of the thing. She just wants the title. Silas tells her that he doesn't have any positions for sale today, though he likes her moxie.

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