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Rebel, Rebel

Sniveling Aide and Thomasina discuss the situation in Port Prosperity, and how voluble it's getting. Cut to Port Prosperity, where the crowd is turning ugly. David tries to get Ethan to leave, but Ethan thinks David has sold out his family, so he won't go. The riot squad advances on the citizens, and suddenly there's smoke grenades and tear gas and night sticks everywhere. David tries to intervene but he gets knocked in the head by a stray rock (which was actually kind of funny because the rock looked super fake). Then guns come out and Ethan gets sort of accidentally shot by a military dude who's wrestling with a protestor. David recovers and drags his brother into a nearby warehouse, where some other rebels join them. They lock the door behind them and then head to a locker where they've stashed a bunch of guns. David realizes that Ethan and his buddies planned this all in advance, and never intended to have a peaceful demonstration. Ethan says that they plan to shut down the port and humiliate the king until he gives up his peace plan and lets them keep their land. David points out that the king has more power than them and could just have them all killed. Ethan thinks (aw, how cute!) that their deaths would make them martyrs to the cause, once the media reports it; more likely, their deaths would go unreported, or be reported as accidents or something. He has a lot of faith in the media.

Some time later, after all of the protestors have been cleared out, David walks out of the warehouse and approaches a cop. Cut to King Silas, still fishing while Thomasina gives him an update (while wearing a FREAKING awesome burnt orange trench). The rebels have released a statement about their intention to stay and fight for their land, and she adds that the local police are asking for military backup. Sniveling Aide reports that there was one death and many injuries in the skirmish, and the rebels are armed. Silas dismisses these reports and says they should leave it be. Thomasina exchanges a look with Sniveling Aide and then slowly says that she fears for Silas's heart. He pretends he thinks she's talking about his health, but Thomasina forges ahead: "I fear it's gone cold. Since Serenity, sir. Since you stopped going." Silas says he doesn't know what she's talking about, and then asks what her point is. Thomasina just goes over the line and says that without "her," Silas is changed. She concludes, "You've grown mean, sir. And I don't know how to serve this cold Silas. And my duty is to protect the family." Silas turns away from her and yells back that she should wait in the car.

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