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Rebel, Rebel

Out on the street, Jack calls Uncle William and asks what's going on. William says that Silas would rather "appoint that whore than let [Jack] assert [himself]." Jack is just pissed off enough to agree to join his uncle's crusade to unseat the king. William returns to his clandestine insurrection meeting in some sort of warehouse or basement or something. It's not so clandestine that they don't have a waiter walking around serving them on fine silver. That is one fancy insurrection. One of the other meeting participants complains that it doesn't matter if Jack joins them -- they need Reverend Samuels. William promises that Samuels will be there.

Outside, the Rev pulls up to the warehouse in his car and checks that he's at the right place. Up on the roof, he spots one of Silas's flags flying, which gives him pause. A sign? An omen? Samuels pulls a U-turn and leaves without going into the warehouse.

David charges into the warehouse where Silas has set up base command. General Almost warns Silas that Ethan is with the rebels, so anything David says should be discounted. David promises that his brother would never harm Michelle. Silas shows him an ultrasound image of the warehouse. Apparently, Michelle has been microchipped like a dog, and Silas promises that on his command, everyone but her in that warehouse will be killed. David begs for his brother's life, reminding Silas that his family has given up a lot for the king. General Almost argues that their plan is the best, but David tries one more thing, and reminds Silas that he betrayed his family to serve the king. Silas gives him two minutes to try to convince the rebels to give up, but says that after that, everyone will be killed, except for Michelle. That includes David. General Almost is pissed that Silas is even entertaining this nonsense.

David heads into the warehouse and tells the rebels to put down their guns while they still can, since no one will even know if they die as martyrs. Didn't Michelle just try that tactic? Maybe David should APOLOGIZE. That also worked well. Ethan insists that God will know that they died fighting for a just cause.

Meanwhile, at the meeting of William and the Insurrection (my garage band name), William gets a mysterious text message telling him to get out of the building right now. He excuses himself.

David and Ethan continue to argue over the purpose of his rebellion. David says that their mother will die if she loses another son, and then pulls the trump card by saying that their older brother Eli would not be proud of what Ethan is doing. Ethan is like, "That's it, bitch!" and the brothers start wrestling and fall to the ground. Silas gives the order to shoot to kill, and the snipers start firing into the building. Michelle ducks behind a crate or something.

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