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Rebel, Rebel

And at the same time, William's Insurrection Meeting is infiltrated by military men, who shoot some dudes and take others into custody. Outside, William manages to hop into his car and get away unscathed.

Back at the port, David looks up to see one of the rebels reaching for a gun. He runs over and shelters Michelle with his body, putting himself between her and the weapon. As the rebel raises his gun, Ethan shoots and kills him, saving his brother's life. The military bursts in and take Ethan into custody.

Back at the castle, Michelle is checked out by the doctor as her father paces around, worried. She scolds him for his concern, as well as for having her chipped when she was five. Silas, convinced that she's fine, leaves the room and tells Thomasina that she said more words to him today than she usually says in a month. He asks how long she's worked for him, and she says it's been ten years. He says slowly, "Maybe... it's time... " Thomasina looks down, sure she's going to be shitcanned. Silas concludes, "For a promotion." Thomasina, both shocked and delighted, walks over and asks one of the doormen a question. Rosencrantz can't even talk, so Guildenstern answers. After Thomasina leaves, Guildenstern realizes that Rosencrantz is in love with Thomasina, and adds that he's screwed. Am I supposed to care about the doorman's crush? Because I really don't. Although I don't blame him for loving Thomasina. All right-thinking people do.

Silas now has to take on Jack, who protests that he didn't know that Michelle was in danger when he gave his orders to UNN. Then Jack admits that even if he had known, he might have done the same thing. Silas warns him that gifts from Uncle William are not really gifts, and Jack complains that his father undercuts him at every turn. Silas allows that, and says that he's thinking of offering Jack a Ministry position, except that he won't be publicly named to the position. Silas wants him to learn to have power without the accompanying fame. So he's giving the position to Katrina Ghent, but Jack will actually do the work, whatever it is. Silas is putting a lot of trust in an unknown entity named Katrina Ghent. Unless he does know her. Possibly in the Biblical sense. No pun intended.

Michelle finds David in one of the castle's rooms. David complains that there's no record of Ethan in any of the jails, and it's like he just disappeared. Michelle tries to express her gratitude for David saving her life. They are just about to make out when Thomasina interrupts and says that Silas wants to see David.

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