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Justice Served

Previously on Kings: Silas awarded Katrina Ghent a Ministry position in name only, and assigned Jack to be the man behind the woman. Silas's bastard child got sick, and he made a deal with God that he would stop seeing his mistress if the child got better, which he did. David's brother Ethan committed treason over Silas's plan to give Port Prosperity back to Gath, and the ensuing trial estranged David from his family, because he chose his King over his family, which is just what Silas wanted.

Silas and his mistress are getting it on. I thought he gave her up? What the what? Oh, it turns out that it's Silas's fantasy, and he's actually doing it with his wife, Rose. She's none the wiser, and seems satisfied and convinced that Silas is ready for something called Judgment Day.

What's Judgment Day, you ask? Considering the Biblical roots of this show, I kind of thought it would be full of hellfire and brimstone, but not really. A handy news reporter explains that people who feel that justice was not done in their court cases can appeal to the king in hopes that their verdict will be reversed. There are thousands of applicants, and they are all waiting in the capitol building to find out if their cases were one of the ten chosen for Silas to consider. Jack and Michelle look down upon the people waiting, and Jack warns Michelle that her health care case probably won't be chosen. Apparently the Ministry of Information, Jack's new department, is the one that chooses the cases. Michelle doesn't believe that Jack actually let Katrina Ghent have any say in what was chosen, but Jack claims that's the case. This is the beginning of Jack trying to play Silas's game in this episode, and we'll soon see the results.

A horn blows and Silas appears on a balcony over his loyal subjects to give a speech about Judgment Day that includes a lot of "whereas." Silas blathers on about justice served, and the people are like, "Would you just tell us which cases got chosen?" Silas claims he will use Divine Wisdom to adjudicate, and then Snivelling Aide finally starts reading off the list of cases that will be heard as the people cheer. One of the cases involves Reverend Samuels, and he looks pissed. After the tenth case is announced, the people not chosen rip up their papers and scowl. Silas announces that Judgment Day will begin the next morning.

Intercut with that scene is one in a courtroom, where Ethan is about to find out his verdict. Mrs. Shepherd sits on one side of the courtroom and David, looking constipated, sits on the other. Ethan pleads not guilty, and the judge starts reading off all the counts and finally announces that Ethan has been found guilty and will be sentenced in two days time. Mrs. Shepherd makes an emotional appeal to the judge for leniency, since their family has already suffered so much. Ethan is hustled out of the courtroom and David grabs him and vows to make it right, but Ethan is convinced that God will save him. David tries to tell his mother that he'll fix it, but she just gives him the Heisman and storms out of the courtroom.

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