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Justice Served

After dinner, Silas finds Rose in the kitchen. She's apparently lost a shoe. How do you lose a shoe? During a dinner party? Silas wonders why they ever pardoned Andrew, but then he's distracted by Rose bending over to look for her shoe and he starts loving up on her. She ends the snuggle by wondering why David got a medal when their own son got nothing. Silas tries to get her back on the sexy track, but Rose puts him off.

David visits Ethan in jail to try to convince him to recant. Ethan refuses, because he knows that Silas is wrong and is not a Divine Ruler. David says he doesn't even know if God exists, but Ethan should realize that David and Silas are the only ones that can save him now. Ethan smiles beatifically: "Can't you see David? I'm already saved." This is what I don't get about the whole God's Master Plan thing -- if Ethan is convinced that what is happening is already fated by God, how can he reconcile that with the idea that God is good? What would God choose to bring more loss to a family that has already lost so much? Ooh. I got a little heavy there. Must have been my Jesuit education peeking out. Sorry about that.

Silas goes to visit his old, imprisoned friend Abaddon. He even brings him dinner, and of course helps himself to some of the good eats. Abaddon realizes that Silas is just bored and feeling sorry for himself. Abaddon lectures him on how terrible it is to be king, because everyone wants something from you and God won't allow you any pleasure. Silas wonders what he ever did to God to deserve such treatment, and Abaddon says he asked to be king.

Michelle begs Jack to help David by convincing Katrina to vote his way. Jack claims he's just working for Katrina and has no influence. Somehow from one glance at his face, Michelle realizes that Jack has choreographed this whole thing. She accuses Jack of being jealous of all the media coverage that David has been getting. Jack explodes and says that's not it; he's worried that David and Michelle will get married and edge Jack out of his rightful crown, since Michelle is older. Michelle asks what she can do to change his mind, and Jack tells her to convince David to accept whatever's offered by Katrina.

Michelle goes to see David and tells him that Katrina can help make sure Ethan gets a lighter sentence. David can't imagine what Katrina could want from him, and Michelle says that David needs to denounce the king's plans for Port Prosperity at his next press briefing, because it will hurt the king. David can't believe how deep he has gotten himself, and also realizes that if he goes against the king, he'll never see Michelle again. Michelle jumps him and they start making out, but then she just as quickly pulls away and runs out of the room.

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