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Justice Served

Ethan's sentencing. The judge sentences him to death by hanging at dawn the next day. Ethan starts crying. Did he really expect something different? He yells something out and Mrs. Shepherd sobs. David, sitting in the back of the courtroom, just hangs his head. Ethan's kind of annoying. I wouldn't be that sorry to see him go.

Michelle's case is the last to be heard, and Silas grants her petition. So her health care proposal will go through! Silas wonders why Michelle doesn't seem too happy, and she says that she has other things on her mind. Gilboa apparently has a kickass communications team, because the moment that Silas says that court is adjourned, fireworks start going off in the streets behind him.

Katrina sits in her dark office, and Jack enters, drinking from a flask. She reports that Ethan's going to die, thanks to them, and she wonders why David didn't denounce Silas. Jack says that he believes in Silas, and declares that David won't stay, regardless. Katrina is worried about Jack's soul, and Jack starts hitting on her. She gets up to leave and he asks where she gets off judging him. Katrina responds, "That can't feel good when someone like me won't even have you." Believe me, honey, he doesn't want you anyway.

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are still cleaning up, and the fat one admits that he never told Thomasina that he loves her. They drop one of the case papers on the floor. Katrina, walking down the hall behind them, picks it up and discovers David's discarded medal. What a coincidence!

She goes to see Silas and return the medal, and in the process, gives a big speech about how she joined the monarchy due to greed, and then she discovered that David could have had all the power he wanted, but he turned it down. She puts the medal on the table and walks out while Silas looks at it real hard.

Jack's driver/bodyguard lets him out and says it's the end of a long day. Turns out the bodyguard is ending his shift. Jack gives him a couple of meaningful phrases like "It doesn't have to be over" and "Good to know I have someone I can trust," and the bodyguard follows Jack into his apartment. To totally do it!

David is summoned to see Silas, and reports that it was no trouble to come, since his family won't even see him. Silas announces that Ethan is being moved to a minimum-security facility to serve a six-month sentence, as long as he keeps his mouth shut. David realizes that Silas made this happen, and gets all emotional. Silas gives him the medal back and advises David to plan a visit to tell his family the news. David gives Silas a big hug, which Silas awkwardly does not return. David walks out, but not before saying that Silas has restored his faith in God, and the Divine Monarchy. David is bugging me this week. I liked him better when he was more human and less of a goody-goody. Send him out on the town with Jack again.

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