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Everyone's pumped as dinner service starts. I wish I could say that this episode sheared away from the usual planned rise and fall of the night, but I can't. Some guests love the food, but one Joisey matron goes on about how terrible the food is. Her dining companions seem to agree. The server tells Joe what's going on, and Joe tells us, "It was almost too bad to be true." Like this entire show? News of the customer's complaints reaches Ramsay. He determines that nothing is wrong with the food and that the woman's complaints don't hold water, so instead of dealing with it in a professional way, apologizing and getting rid of the woman, Ramsay takes a Hell's Kitchen approach and insults the woman. It's awesome. He tells her, aggressively, "Why don't you just take a seat? Just sit down and try to enjoy a cup of coffee?" The woman can't enjoy it because her husband is starving because they couldn't eat the food, and she lists all the things that were wrong with her food. Ramsay says, "Okay, good, now madam, unfortunately you are talking out of your rear." The matron tells Ramsay to watch his mouth; Ramsay tells her to stop walking around and causing trouble. Matron tells Ramsay to grow up and walks away…to stand next to the host's station? Ramsay loudly greets a new contingent of diners and says, "So sorry about the old bag." Old Bag, of course, is standing right there and just looks around. Okay, so we haven't seen that before on this show, but Ramsay's behavior seemed to pave the way for the second customer incident of the night.

The pressure takes its toll on Joe, so, stressed out, he leaves the kitchen to take a breather and walk around the restaurant and greet his guests. Meanwhile, with Joe gone, it seems stuff goes wrong in the kitchen. Ramsay starts asking, "Where is Joe?" But Joe is glad-handing his customers and friends. Gene admits, "He's like Houdini -- he not around and you have to pick up the slack." Well, you are head chef, dude. However, with Joe not in the kitchen, cooking grinds to a halt and diners are back to waiting too long for their food. One table has been waiting for two hours for their food, and are loud about it. I'd say they have reason to complain. They're even more pissed because no one has even come over to explain or acknowledge the ridiculously long-ass wait. Joe finally makes it over to this table and asks what's going on. I guess Joe made good on his whole "if people start bitchin', the meatball's going to come out of the kitchen," because the later-than-Jesus table has some meatballs, but now the complaint is that they are burned. If the shot we're given is anything to go by, it's true. The meatballs are burned. Just like Ramsay's. Joe laughingly tells them that he doesn't know what to tell them. Well, that's inspiring. I'm not sure if they finally got their food or not, but when Joe apologizes, the loudest woman -- who now has her coat on -- tells him sorry isn't good enough. Joe backs away, saying he's gotta run back to the kitchen now. Angry Customer says, "Yeah, you gotta run back." Joe says he really does. "Yeah, I guess you really do," Angry Customer says.

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Kitchen Nightmares




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