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Next shot, Angry Customer is standing near the door, still (rightfully, in my opinion) complaining. However, she's also doing it in front of Joe's mom, and Mr. Voice-Over's tone suggests how unseemly that is. Like, the woman works at her son's restaurant, and unless people are making personal attacks, which this woman isn't, you're going to have to deal with complaints. Grow a pair of meatballs, lady. Angry Customer complains to some other patron, "I felt like I was eating ragu." Well, if she were eating ragù, I don't think she'd be complaining but I assume she meant "Ragú." Joe's mom now directs someone to the Angry Customer, saying, "She's out there moping." Dude, I'd be moping (and then some!) if I had to wait two hours for burned meatballs. ["I'd have been gone an hour ago, but that's me." -- Sars] On the subject of a fish dish, Angry Customer says, "Well, somebody else had the fish and it tasted like pond water." Joe's mom says to a server, "I'm listening to this witch, I wanna go strangle her." That's a great slogan: "Campania: If you don't love our food, we'll strangle you." Finally, this all comes to a head when a "less-than-sober, but satisfied" customer walks outside to where Angry Customer now is and starts (drunkenly) shouting her down. She (drunkenly) defends Campania, saying, "If it was that bad, then why did you keep eating if it was that bad?" When you've waited two hours for food and you're hungry, well, you might keep eating in the hopes it gets better. Meanwhile, (drunken) Campania-defender's boyfriend seems to be protecting Angry Customer from his (drunken) girlfriend. There's more of this screaming and swearing, and Angry Customer says, "Oh, my god in heaven, you people are mental." (Drunken) girlfriend screams that Angry Customer just got all this food for free -- comped because it sucked, or comped because it always is on this show? -- so she should have nothing bad to say. Ah, yes, that's always a great argument. Think of public schools: "You got your education for free, why are you complaining that the teacher molested your kid?" Hysterically, (drunken) girlfriend yells at (fairly sober) Angry Customer, "Go have another bottle of wine, you fucking alcoholic." There are so many black pots and kettles raining down that Ramsay could open a little teashop right there in the strip mall's parking lot. Meanwhile, (drunken) girlfriend keeps screaming as she climbs into her SUV and then a squad car "on neighborhood patrol extinguishes the fiery argument." And that's all we get. Whatev.

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Kitchen Nightmares




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