Kitchen Nightmares

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Back in the restaurant, Ramsay tells Joe that when he's dealing with an angry customer like Angry Customer, he needs to just get over it and move on and not bother with bargaining. He also tells him to make his glad-handing rounds faster. Joe is back in the kitchen, getting serious, and things go well again. He dispenses good advice like, "Every steak that comes in now, write 'skirt,' so we can tell the difference." Everyone is all inspired and stuff. Raspy Josette wins the $100 in menu Bingo and Ramsay hugs her. That's worth more than the $100.

Everything's good; Ramsay delivers his pep talk and compliments to the entire restaurant and there's happiness and commitment and pride and crap. In the days that followed, Campania continued to do well and make profits and Joe grew up to be a man. One last thing, however, needed to be done. Ramsay starts throwing all the "stupid, big, steering wheels" of plates on the floor. Everyone joins in except, probably, the one busboy, who's like, "Dammit -- I gotta clean that up and this isn't even a Greek restaurant!" Hugs all around, and Ramsay leaves.

Dammit, now I want a meatball.

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Kitchen Nightmares




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