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Along with the usual restaurant redesign comes a brand spanking new Irish pub-like sign, set close the road so Westhamptionians can see it for…feet. It's even got Celtic knots and a clover and Gaelic words that read: "Our name is strangely Italian, but we give you one hundred thousand welcomes anyways." What's really great about the sign is the detachability of the smaller sign that reads, "Fresh Fish Daily." For those days when you have that not-so-fresh fish feeling. The sign makes everyone cry. Next, Ramsay goes over the new menu of contemporary pub food he's devised, dumping the fried and frozen foods and introducing tableside service. Buddy gives the staff a pep talk before they open for their relaunch and makes all the girls cry.

The firemen, a specially invited local food critic, and half the town arrive for the relaunch, and it ends up really sucking. People (including the fire chief) don't get seated for over an hour, people don't get their food for over an hour, and finally the fire chief walks out. Melissa also has some trouble with her tableside Caesar salad service when she forgets the dressing. (Dude, what is it with Ramsay and tableside Caesar salads? At least he doesn't have to tell Melissa, "Stop touching yourself!") Jason tries to manage the overcrowded bar and, waiting for her table, the food critic asks him, "Do you need the review?"

As it tends to happen right about now, the kitchen miraculously turns stuff around and people get seated and served, even Sabrina Mashburn, food critic. Mashburn asks for suggestions from Melissa, who tells her the shepherd's pie and roast chicken that Buddy is carving tableside are the stuff to get. Mashburn wants to know something about the soups and asks, "If I had to choose between the potato and bacon or the mel-ig-a-tawny, what would I choose?" Pronouncing it correctly, Melissa suggests the mulligatawny. Nice one, food critic; do you need the job?

The food comes out to Mashburn's table and while everyone holds their breath, Mashburn takes a bite of shepherd's pie and pronounces, "There are like five restaurants in the whole country that can do something like this. It's really good." I'll bet all five restaurants also know how to pronounce the damn dish.

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