Kitchen Nightmares
Finn McCool's

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Finn McCool's

The last customer finally leaves and the family celebrates by hugging all over each other. Finally, Brian cries to us about Ramsay making him want to cook again and with that, has everyone finally cried in this episode? Ramsay gives the family his usual homily and walks out, leaving the Irish eyes a-smiling behind him.

Two months pass and we check in again with the restaurant. Apparently, everything is still good and everyone's happy and Mr. Voice-Over says, "As for Buddy, he finally cashed his first paycheck and, at last, Irish eyes are smiling." HEY! I already made that joke, Mr. Voice-Over! Go back to telling us how the socialite bludgeoned her lover with a Jimmy Choo full of pennies.

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Kitchen Nightmares




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