Kitchen Nightmares

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Meanwhile, the producers have told Lex it's now time for him to stop playing mad and now to play contrite, so he returns to the kitchen and bows to Ricky's rule. Lex even says that he was "proud" to see Ricky TCOB, and Lela predicts, "It looks like it's a whole new beginning, really, for the restaurant." It totally is! The beginning of the end. Ramsay pulls Ricky outside to give him major props for his skills. Ricky is very proud of this moment. Mr. Voice-Over tells us that more of this same good shit continued to happen "during the rest of Gordon's stay." Yeah, "the rest of" is like, what? Three more hours? Ramsay delivers his final congratulatory pep talk to the saved restaurant, says goodbye, and beats it the hell out of there before the repo men arrive.

"Five months later" flashes on the scene, and Mr. Voice-Over says quickly, "In spite of business picking up at the restaurant, Lela's debts were too large to overcome, and she was forced to close her doors." Why don't they try to find out more? On the Brit version, they would ferret out locals and patrons and ask them what happened to the place. This is just unsatisfying all around. Happy bloody Thanksgiving!

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Kitchen Nightmares




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