Kitchen Nightmares
Olde Stone Mill

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Olde Stone Mill

The following day, Ramsay puts Dean back on the couch. He again accuses Dean of fearing failure. "Walk a mile in my shoes," retorts Dean. Ramsay shares his own story of failure, admitting to a failed restaurant in his home town (he thought he was the dog's bollocks). Ramsay just wants to see Dean achieve in the restaurant business, and now Dean finally sees that in earnest. He has a "fresh new open-minded attitude," according to Voice-Over Man, and in the show's customary epilogue we the audience are reassured that Dean has taken control of the entire restaurant now. In short: Tom grows a brain; Mike grows a heart; and Dean grows courage. And they all just ease on down, ease on down...

Ramsay throws an Olde Stone Mill two-hundredth-birthday celebration party, and the mayor is back, this time rewarding Dean with the key to the city of Yonkers. Yonkers? I thought this was Tuckahoe. DMX is going to be pissed. DMX is also going to Tuck-a-hoe (play on words). But he'll have some great cuts of meat to feed all those pit bulls, won't he?

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Kitchen Nightmares




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