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After all that, Ramsay tells Mother and Motherboy that there is no way they are serving customers that day. He sends them out to tell their customers that the restaurant is closed, and orders the entire kitchen steam-cleaned. Ramsay continues to blast both Doug and his sous chef, Charlie, for the state of the kitchen but neither of them takes any responsibility for the filth. Ramsay yanks Motherboy and Mother into the now-empty dining room and wonders why Motherboy can't whip his staff into shape. Letting loose with all sorts of "fucks" and "shits," Mother goes OFF about how this is a prime example of what a loser her son is and how he isn't a man.

The next day, Ramsay prepares to demo a simple dish of pan-seared bass with a fresh tomato-basil sauce in a clean kitchen. Doug is totally pissed and pays only the scantest attention to what Ramsay is telling him. It gets worse, though, because when Ramsay has Mother and Motherboy try the dish, Doug refuses THREE TIMES to taste the dish himself. He says he knows what striped bass tastes like. Ramsay is seriously insulted, noting, "God, that's the first time a guy has never tasted my food." This guy is more fired every minute. Ramsay goes back into the kitchen to watch Doug and Charlie make the new dish, which they fuck up horribly and then flat-out refuse to listen to Ramsay anymore.

Ramsay sits Mother and Motherboy down and tells them they have to fire both Doug and Charlie. Specifically, Motherboy has to hike up what balls he has and fire both Doug and Charlie. After what seems like a few very long minutes, Motherboy schlumps to the kitchen and tells Doug and Charlie, "Guys, you're both off tomorrow." Doesn't quite sound like firing, does it? Doug asks, "Are we done here for good, or…" "Yup," Motherboy says quietly. Charlie and Doug leave, swearing, and Doug admits to us that he's humiliated.

And this is where the episode got really weird. Ramsay takes Motherboy to a boxing ring and engages him in a little light punching. Ramsay really wants Motherboy to scream as he punches, and tells him he needs to release his tension. The problem is, when Motherboy releases his tension, a whole lot more comes out. Way more, potentially, than Ramsay bargained for. Practically sobbing, Motherboy admits he lied to Ramsay about how often the kitchen was cleaned. "I did what I've done my whole life -- keeping the peace and keeping myself down," Motherboy goes on. Ramsay tells him he has no reason to keep himself down. Oh, but he does it because his father never -- not in his whole life -- ever complimented him. His father just told him he sucked. "Was he a great worker? Yeah!" Motherboy says. "But he didn't give a fuck about his own son, who cared about him." I wish you could hear the music they're playing over this scene. It's the Hallmark Channel mixed with every tear-stained moment from Little House on the Prairie and it's making me nauseous. Motherboy goes on, "I let it destroy me and he died before I could prove him wrong." Needing to get physical, Ramsay yells, "You're doing that now." He circles Motherboy and starts shouting, "PROVE HIM WRONG!" as Motherboy, now Peter, continues to pummel Ramsay's hands.

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Kitchen Nightmares




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