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Back at the restaurant, Ramsay has slightly classed up the joint by returning the Seascape to its former glory of red tablecloths, dark wood, and walls that no longer crumble into the customers' food. Marilyn, the waitress of 40 years, is close to tears at such a transformation. Ramsay scoured the local community and brought in a new head chef for the Seascape, Scott, and he's also loaned out one of his own French maƮtres d', Jean-Baptiste, to help Peter deal with his front-of-house duties and revamped the menu. Jean-Baptiste's first order of business is to make Peter wear a jacket and give him a new walk. I kid you not. Ramsay and Jean-Baptiste had a problem with Peter's galumphing walk around the dining room, so they teach him how to glide.

The restaurant reopens and at first, things seem to go well, but then the kitchen gets backed up, the waitresses are confused, and customers are waiting way too long for their food. Finally, after Mother wanders into the kitchen and rips Motherboy a new one, complete with a nice motherly "Shut the fuck up!", Ramsay yanks Peter outside and orders him to take control. But first, Peter has to tell us that his father is turning over in his grave. Ramsay gives Peter a short pep talk in the kitchen. Peter responds by asking Ramsay if he can have a hug. The moment managed to be both oddly sweet and totally cringe-ful. Fortified by the superwarmth of the Ramsay hug, Peter marches out and gets the restaurant back under control. At the end of the night, Ramsay sits down with Peter and Mother and gives them their due props. Mother even admits to being proud of her son.

We're told that as the week went on, Ramsay kept working with the restaurant to create a new menu, using the fresh seafood available at their doorstep. Ramsay also did his community-involvement thing by instituting Seascape's first chowder cook-off with himself, Mother, and the mayor of Islip acting as judges. Ramsay takes his leave of Seascape and reminds them, "Love and support!" He makes Peter bang fists with him, and Peter tells us, "It's amazing what he did. He taught me to stand up and be the owner." Mother tells us that she will never forget Ramsay, because he put his heart and soul into the Seascape and he saved them.

"Five months later" flashes up on the screen, and Mr. Voice-Over tells us, "Even though Gordon successfully restored the Seascape to its former glory, Peter accepted an offer that he couldn't refuse and sold the restaurant." D'OH!

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Kitchen Nightmares




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