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Knight Fail

Chase and Taub stick Sir William in Ye Olde MRI (of DOOOMESDAY BOOK!!). They don't find any hematomas, with Chase saying Sir William's brain looks "completely normal." Taub says there is the fact that said brain seems to think it's a good idea to "play dress up." Chase says his uncle used to pretend he was "King Leopold," though I have no idea if he means King Leopold I of Belgium or his son, King Leopold II. "I'm not pretending," Sir William says over the PA system that Chase and Taub apparently didn't realize was on this whole time. "Uh ... sorry about that," Chase says, then asks if Sir William truly believes he's a knight. Sir William says being a knight isn't a game -- "it's a lifestyle." He likes to be "knightly" in his everyday life by being honorable and stuff. Taub where putting on armor and fighting each other comes in. "That we do for fun," Sir William admits. Oh, but then the MRI (of DOOOM!!) strikes again, as Sir William says he's not feeling well and barfs.

Foreman takes a sample from the well, only to have to deal with a couple who have a problem with his modern dress. "God's teeth! What strange manner of garments be these?" a guy says, then laughs at Foreman with his wife as if Foreman's the guy who looks ridiculous here. Foreman hangs up his cell phone, at which point the guy says "he consorts with tiny demons in his hand. 'Tis witchcraft, I say!" Hadley thoroughly enjoys this as she chews on a turkey leg, but Foreman does not, telling the guy to shut up and move along. The guy looks all sad, and Hadley tells Foreman to relax and get into it. He could tell them he's a time traveler. "If we're gonna be here we might as well enjoy it," she says. Foreman decides to do just that, saying that the current diagnosis following Sir William's MRI barf is food poisoning. Hadley promptly spits out the turkey leg.

As they glance at some guy rolling out dough while hawking loogies (these people do live in the real world too, right? Where such behavior is completely unacceptable? So why are they happy to do it here?), our ridiculous king and queen approach them, saying they heard the doctors wanted to speak with them. Since when did kings and queens hang out in town like that? This Ren Faire sucks. Foreman says Sir William isn't doing well, and the king starts muttering something about poxes before the queen tells him to quit the act and get real. "We just thought it was a concussion," she says. "He's gonna be okay, right?" the king asks, sounding much less royal now. Hadley says they need to check out Sir William's campsite. Foreman recommends investing in a dental plan for the kingdom, like bad teeth is the only problem these people have.

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