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A Talking Car?! Get Outta Here!

In Dr. Graiman's office, Alex tells Dr. Graiman that Package Boy is in witness protection, which might be code for "we killed him and burned his body". Dr. Graiman takes a shot at that cliché contest with, "You know, one day Mike is gonna remember everything. And when he does, he's gonna come after you." Alex suggests that he'll make sure he never remembers. Meanwhile, KITT is watching them, probably reading their lips, and scanning the Extremely Confidential Folder.

In Sarah's sleeping pod, Michael tries to get her to go out for a beer. He wants to start fresh, so he introduces himself as "Michael Knight". There's harmonica-heavy music, and KITT opines that "they make a handsome couple" as phallic, yellow scanning machines go to work on his undercarriage. And... credits! Did you think I was being sexist by calling her "Mystery Lady"? Then you'll be glad to know that her official character name is "Smokin' Hot Beauty." Yeah, it's that kind of show.

Next Episode: They're getting the obligatory "gang of street racers stealing stuff" plotline out of the way early, but adding a twist by burying Michael up to his neck in dirt and driving a truck towards him. As Zoe would say, this just got interesting!

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