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A Talking Car?! Get Outta Here!

...and Billy opens the door in time and KITT arrives in HQ without busting through anything. Zoe asserts that "That... was awesome," making me think she's some kind of sociopath or something. She doesn't care that Michael and Sarah almost died? Or that a 300-mph car was about to smash through a foot-thick concrete wall six feet from her head? She's just a thrill junkie and doesn't care who gets hurt, I guess. Anyway, Michael and Sarah's mostly-nude, sweaty bodies are dragged from the car for oxygen and adrenaline shots, probably from Zoe's secret stash. Zoe doesn't mind because she's busy taunting Billy about screwing up. Then she tells him she speaks nine languages, flashes some thigh, and leaves.

Michael corners Carrie (that's Sydney Poitier's character's name according to IMDB) and tells her that the mission was compromised. She blames his womanizing. The argument gets heated (and, unfortunately, includes the phrase "Don't go there, Michael," making me wonder how long this script has been waiting to get made) and Michael says he doesn't want Sarah in the field anymore, conveniently ignoring the fact that Sarah at least got the files she was looking for. Snotty Alex comes over and yells at Michael a bit, and Michael stomps off, claiming he's going to get a beer "to replace those fluids I lost almost boiling to death". Yeah, but you look fine now. Alex has gotten word that the package is on the move, so Michael has to go out again in fifteen minutes. Don't these people have any other agents? After Michael leaves, Carrie tells Alex something we don't hear. Mysterious!

Michael arrives at a sleeping pod (that's what it's called; there's even a plaque on the outside of the door) to find Sarah pulling on a shirt. Neither of them are being looked at by the medical team? A shot of adrenaline, a quick pulse check, and shove 'em out the door? There's some awkwardness about her naked back, and then we get back to the plot. Sarah says that the men in the vault (with the glowing hypo, remember?) must have known Michael from Iraq. Michael says he doesn't remember big chunks of his life, but Sarah says he doesn't want to remember. There are flashbacky "war noises" on the soundtrack, along with some syrupy music. Apparently, Michael is afraid of the things he did or something.

No time for that now, though, because KITT is being rotated around with green lasers (lasers!) with a wicked guitar soundtrack. I guess this is how you recharge the batteries and refill the oxygen tanks. Carrie is using a computer with a keyboard and visible speakers (how archaic!) while windows pop up on her screen. We see a Top Secret window showing Michael doing something. I think he's holding a gun. And here's Michael now! "Where's the package?" Well, if the next shot is anything to go by, it's in Washington, D.C. Apparently the package wants to go see some sights, maybe go up in the Washington Monument. That'll be fun.

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