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A Talking Car?! Get Outta Here!

This leads to some tire-squealing as Michael and Mystery Lady cut through traffic. Michael requests a private line with Sarah, which involves her sneaking off to the sleeping pod. The tinkly music of misty, water-colored memories starts up again as he asks if he gave a reason he stopped calling her from Iraq. Apparently, he asked her to marry him, and she said yes. And then he disappeared for three years and doesn't remember any of it. Also, the day he asked her to marry him is the day of that Beirut footage with him and Mystery Lady. Michael hangs up, and KITT helpfully suggests that maybe he's repressing something traumatic. Or he might have Dissociative Identity Disorder. This whole time, he appears to be following Mystery Lady at a distance of about 20 feet, and they can't be going more than 40 miles per hour. I bet they could catch up if they wanted to. Carrie cuts in, asking if Michael was involved in Operation Secure Freedom. KITT doesn't have access to that file, but Carrie says that the men at the consulate were all involved with that.

Michael hangs up on Carrie and suddenly wants to get back to the mission. He has KITT do some technobabble with GPS systems and parabolic microphones, and suddenly he can see inside the other car and hear the conversation. Package Boy's hair is worth millions, so he shaves a lot. That seems backwards to me. He brags about exfoliating every four hours so he won't leave "samples", but she cuts off his thumb. Back at HQ, Billy goes off to vomit. Mystery Lady dumps Package Boy out of the car, which means that Michael has to stop and pick him up. Now he has to get the thumb back. Why? Shut up, that's why. Michael jams package boy's hand into the glove compartment, where, we are led to believe, magic first aid nanobots are hard at work. [The hand comes out looking like it's in a lockbox. Who uses metal bandages? - Z] Billy passes out, which Zoe deems "awesome". There's more driving.

Lots more driving.

Package Boy gets Michael to cut off the communications to HQ so he can start delivering some backstory. He claims that hidden in his DNA is "the ultimate cipher". Michael's doing a better job at following this than I would be: "You invented an unbreakable code and hid the key to it in your DNA?" That seems like a lot of work just to... I don't even know why you would do that. I'm pretty sure it's impossible, though, whatever it is.

KITT has lost track of the mystery lady, which Michael takes to mean that she's in the subway. KITT switches to Attack Mode, which is the one with the tubes on the hood. We see a shot of her on a subway escalator with a thumb in a jar. [Can't everyone around her see this? If you see something, like a severed thumb in a jar, say something! - Zach] It looks like it didn't bleed much, which I guess is good. I mean, even a drop of unaccounted-for blood and this guy's unbreakable code is ruined, right? Be that as it may, KITT turns into a pickup truck again and they drive along the tracks. KITT taps into the subway security cameras (which are much higher-resolution than you'd think) and guesses that the Mystery Lady is meeting up with a blond man in a leather jacket. That's what hot women are always doing, right? They have three minutes until the next train, which makes the third phony ticking clock deadline in this episode.

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