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Oh! We're back. I didn't realize we were because the shots of KITT entering the unobtrusive, everyday GIANT HANGAR were the same ones as last week. I really thought it was a commercial for last week's show. I realize that doesn't make any sense.

When KITT, Michael, and Sarah arrive in HQ, Sarah strolls off and Michael starts frantically rubbing his tattoo on the hood. But answer came there none; KITT doesn't do the same thing as before, and Billy can't replicate it, either. Michael goes off to yell at Alex about it when Charles shows up to yell at Michael about Sarah being in danger. Did you follow that? Well, maybe you will be interested in knowing that KITT is watching old Westerns in order to learn traditional gender roles. It's a John Wayne movie, possibly Stagecoach. Sarah joins Michael in KITT to suggest that Sean (the bartender) has been making suspiciously large cash deposits, and maybe he's the one involved in the smuggling or whatever. Michael poo-poos this.

Back to the bar! Michael will be racing for the Changs, and Johnny warns him that he has 200 grand riding on him and doesn't take kindly to losing. Sean wishes him luck but denies having any money to bet. Michael frowns. Sarah and her magic sunglasses see the Changs talking to a short, balding white dude in a suit, so she follows them into the garage. Outside, the race is about to begin. Skreee! Vrooom! KITT identifies the guy in the suit as a weapons designer at Lawrence Livermore, and Sarah realizes that the technology is being smuggled as part of the cars. Ian finally notices that Sarah's wandering around back there and mumbling into her sunglasses, so he holds her at gunpoint. She disarms him and flees, which angers Johnny, but not as much as you'd think. He mostly just seems exasperated with his brother, really. Sarah gets into KITT, and Michael orders KITT to flee. Then he (Michael) creeps into the garage, where he promptly takes a wrench to the back of the head and goes down. Good job, dummy. Why does he ever get out of the car?

Michael wakes up with flies on his face and his head sticking up out of the ground. He's been buried up to his neck! And now he's being menaced by dune buggies. I personally don't find dune buggies that menacing. Did you see Jackie Chan's Rumble in the Bronx? That gang wasn't very menacing to begin with, but driving around in dune buggies festooned with Christmas lights sure didn't help. Sarah and the HQ bunch try to figure out where Michael could be, and Sarah finally asks Sean where Johnny likes to dispose of people. There's a place on the mesa. Come on!

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