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Hey! I recognize this shot! KITT comes straight toward the camera on a flat desertscape while the theme song plays. This is the opening credits shot from the old series! Nice job. Inside, Sarah reluctantly shows Sean some of KITT's features, like the one where he turns into a 4x4 pickup truck. Meanwhile, the dune buggies drive around Michael's head. KITT switches back to car mode and wipes out the pickup truck Ian's driving. Sean goes into "Take it easy, hoss" mode on Ian, but then immediately smacks Sarah with the butt of the gun. He's a traitor after all. He tells Michael he loves him like a brother but can't walk away from this much money, blah blah blah. When we get back from commercials, the guy in the suit is attaching an EMP to KITT's hood. There's kind of a VWOOMP and back at HQ, Zoe and Billy are panicking. Sean smirks at Michael as KITT is wheeled into a truck. Sarah's tied up with duct tape and not really doing much.

Finally, Billy has a lead: he hacked the mobile phone network and found KITT's signal. Sure, it sounds implausible now, but if it was Morgan Freeman saying it to Christian Bale, you'd eat it up. Michael is getting the tar whomped out of him by Ian (who still has a broken arm, and is actually hitting Michael with it) while KITT slowly comes back on line. Then Michael gets the upper hand and Johnny gets jumpy with a machine gun and shoots up Ian while Michael hides behind him. All heck breaks loose, although the one guy who's on shallow grave duty keeps digging far longer than you'd think necessary, allowing Sarah to take him down.

Johnny walks toward Michael with a knife, having put all of his bullets into his brother, but KITT is back on line. The first thing KITT does is explode the EMP device (somehow) and then use a laser to cut Michael's handcuffs. He's got a lot of crazy abilities in this episode! Michael breaks Johnny's arm and knocks him out, then he and Sarah hop into KITT to chase after Sean, who is escaping. Sean is in danger of -- oh, there he goes over the cliff. It's a Thelma and Louise moment. Kaboom! Michael looks pensively at the fireball.

Back at HQ, Alex reports that the plot was resolved adequately, although he denies knowing anything about the mystery files from earlier. Michael goes down to chat with KITT, who's still watching the movie. There's some buddy-show banter, and we see the end of the movie and an old-timey "THE END."

I'm not actually sure that was Stagecoach. It would have been better if it were Bad Day at Black Rock, which was referenced in both an Original Recipe Knight Rider episode ("Good Day at White Rock") and and A*Team episode ("Black Day at Bad Rock"). And I think they almost used the same script, too. Don't quote me on that part, though.

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