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Driving Into the Sunset

In HQ, Zoe and Billy are wandering through the hallways (that's what happens at a big company; I must have spent six hours wandering through hallways today myself) when Zoe notices that Billy's got a black eye. At first he claims that he got it in a basketball game, which seems to imply that someone remembers that mystery basketball court they stuck in there in the pilot, but then he admits that he got beat up by somebody while arguing about "cracks for Warcraft." Now, either we're talking about World of Warcraft, in which case I have some friends that would be very interested in the "cracks" Billy's talking about, or he and his assailant are actually still playing Warcraft itself. The most recent one was Warcraft III, and that's six years ago. I don't think the trading card game has "cracks," exactly. It seems like I'm doing a lot of research on this episode, doesn't it? Seahawks games, Warcraft release dates... I'm all over the place!

Back to the main plot. Alex is informing Mike about tonight's target, because, once again, they appear to have flown Mike and KITT somewhere and told them to drive along a picturesque mountain road until they get told what the mission is. The target is Walt Cooperton, yet another in a long line of extremely well-funded mercenaries. He's training a militia outside Phoenix. We see a clip of him blathering about a new declaration of independence and how it's his sacred duty to destroy the government. Alex adds that Cooperton has recently purchased military-grade remote-control explosives, because that's what the bad guys are always doing on this show. Mike's job is to infiltrate and shut everything down. KITT adds that Mike can't wear his ear thingy and communicate with him or the kids at Knight Industries.

Finally, KITT transforms into the pickup truck (the same pickup truck as always, I think, so I don't know why they needed a new algorithm), and we go into the opening credits on a long, loving shot of the Ford logo. Hey! I think I just figured out how this show got a full-season order!

After the credits, Zoe is taunting Billy for getting beat up, and then offers to teach him to fight. He unwisely mocks this idea, so she twists his arm behind his back and orders him to meet her in the rec room after work, and not to make her come looking for him. I notice that Smith Cho, who plays Zoe, is still only a guest star. Come on! She's practically the fourth lead after Mike, Sarah, and KITT. Get her in the opening credits already! It's not like Bruce Davison or Sydney Poitier ever show up anymore. [Well, except for next episode, where there's a traitor in their midst (maybe guest-star Zoe?), but you'll all just have to watch that one yourselves. We won't do it for you anymore. - Zach]

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