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Driving Into the Sunset

Mike in Pickup Truck KITT pulls up to a general store, in which some goons are gooning around. KITT identifies the head goon as Oren Moss, someone who pals around with Cooperton. Ignoring KITT's advice, Mike purposely bumps into Moss and takes his potato chips. [Oh, snap! - Z] After a brief scuffle, Mike says he wants to meet Cooperton. Moss denies knowing anything about that and casually mentions that if he and his goons were "at liberty," they would turn Mike into a puddle. Then he calls Mike "cowboy," and they all take off. I was going to suggest that Mike's "pickup truck" looked suspiciously new and fancified for the look he was going for, but then I noticed that the goons drove off in a ridiculous silver Hummer. So I guess that's fine. KITT frets about Mike being turned into cowboy sauce while Mike drives after the Hummer, and we have a pretty low-speed chase. Suddenly! The Hummer screeches to a halt and a couple more Hummers jump out of the underbrush. (I don't really know what "underbrush" is, exactly, but I'm pretty sure it's something that people and cars jump out of.) KITT frets, as do Sarah and Alex in HQ, but Mike assures them that this is what's supposed to happen. Then he takes off his ear thingy and tells KITT to turn off as he gets out.

So, naturally the next scene involves Mike, who is tied to a chair, getting beat up by a blonde. A little something for the ladies! He taunts her by telling her she's dropping her lead hand. So she kicks him in the gullet. He compliments her smile, which is repaid with a boot to the head. Boot to the head! [Yah-yah! - Z] KITT informs HQ that Mike's endorphin levels indicate that he's getting beat up. He helpfully includes a heat-vision display of the room, complete with "PROBABILITY OF INTERNAL INJURY" (29.4%). Alex tells KITT not to intervene, which seems to make Sarah sad.

Back in the tent where Mike's getting tortured, Moss is spraying Mike with a firehose in the face. Eventually, Mike needs to breathe, so he says he'll tell them who he is and what he's doing there. When the hose is turned off, he claims to have forgotten. Then he asks for some water, just to show that he's a tough guy. Moss turns the hose back on. Finally, a well-dressed man enters the room and describes the blonde as "my girl." Oh, and he's willing to talk with Mike.

In something that looks like an office, Cooperton goes over Mike's cover's details. They trade military talk for a while until Mike passes a test of some sort by knowing that the 337th was in South Korea, not Iraq. Cooperton goes on about freedom. "Live free or die. That... is.... America." Well, New Hampshire. Mike acts like he's into it, and that seems to be all Cooperton needs.

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