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Driving Into the Sunset

KITT says that there are traces of explosives in a truck at the other end of the compound, so Mike goes to check it out. All those gun-toting guys must have finished their patrols, since there's no one around to notice. Huh. So Mike climbs into the back of a truck in another tent and discovers... a pile of pallets. KITT claims there must have been a large amount of explosives to leave such a big chemical fingerprint. Mike tells KITT to tap into the compound's video surveillance files, which seems like the sort of thing they could have done from back home. In fact, their satellite view was good enough that there wasn't really any need for any of this. KITT tells Mike that someone is approaching, so he needs to leave. Mike pulls his new pistol and is ambushed by the blonde lady. They tussle, and before you know it, they're both pointing guns at each other.

Blondie adopts a British accent and claims to be Cassandra Banks from MI6. To continue the "irrelevant research" theme, I looked up the actress, Kristen Bush. She's from Kansas. I mention that because I'm paranoid about insulting someone's fake accent only to find out that it's their real voice. MI6 has been tracking Banks for over a year, which makes me wonder why they never got around to doing anything. They banter uninterestingly for a while to establish that she doesn't know what Cooperton's target is. Then we pull back to see Cooperton watching them both on a monitor. [The tents all have cameras? Why hasn't someone been monitoring them this whole time? - Z] He tells Moss to go deal with this, and to take her alive, if he can. Mike and Cass continue to talk for a while as she says that she had to cut off communications with HQ six months ago. Finally, KITT tells them that goons are on the way and will be there in ten seconds. They duck out of the tent to where KITT is waiting, and there's that scene where she gasps that no one is driving the car. With a little effort, that could be this show's "It's bigger on the inside!" Finally, they get in. Boy, how big is this compound? It's been awhile since goons were told to handle this. Oh, there they are. Cassandra is amazed to be talked to by a car.

KITT takes off, with Hummers giving chase. KITT reports that the road is mined, so he adopts evasive maneuvers. Said "maneuvers" involve driving directly down the middle of the road while explosions go off on either side. KITT suggests transforming into a more agile shape, and promptly hits a mine, which sends him pinwheeling through the air. Of course, because KITT is only vulnerable to mines while in mid-transformation, so it makes perfect sense that he'd keep going while in the middle of a minefield. He certainly couldn't, say, use Turbo Boost to jump all the way over the mines. Or use his X-ray vision to see the mines and avoid them. Or stop, transform into an off-road vehicle, and then go off into the woods. No, he had to choose the one option that would result in becoming disabled. Nice going, genius computer! Mike and Cassandra flee, although Mike doesn't want to leave KITT to the bad guys. What, does he think they're going to torture KITT? I'm not sure waterboarding works on a car. In fact, having KITT sitting in the middle of the compound sounds ideal, what with the remote control of computers and X-Ray vision and all that. We don't really need Mike at all. He's essentially ballast.

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