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Driving Into the Sunset

Okay, so the wire gets cut just in time for the LED countdown to get to "1". What an innovative and unusual development! I've certainly never seen that before. KITT's remote control override finally kicks in and stops the truck. It does not appear to have actually been on top of the dam at any point, so that's another reason this scene was completely pointless. The truck and KITT screech to a stop, and Mike comments that he can now take "riding a one-megaton bomb" off his bucket list. Sarah finally establishes that the Federal Reserve is moving a huge amount of gold today, so now we know what we're here for. KITT says that this will be the biggest gold heist in U.S. history if it succeeds. I'm not sure the word "heist" really fits the KITT persona.

KITT zooms to the Federal Reserve Bank of Phoenix, where the robbery is taking place. The goon-filled hummers are on one side of the parking lot, and KITT is on the other side. All the goons pile out and point machine guns at Mike, who has mysteriously gotten out of his bulletproof supercar. Mike stands next to KITT and cockily tells him to transform to attack mode. In front of everybody? I thought we were going to keep under cover for once. [Also, why didn't you turn into attack mode when you were trying to catch a convoy of explosives and/or impress a lady? - Z] KITT pops out his rocket launchers and blows up the Hummers, and the cops show up to take everyone away. Cooperton is actually a pretty good sport about the whole thing, complimenting Mike on his nice car and just glancing at Cassandra as he's led away in handcuffs. Cassandra thanks Mike and kisses him, which Sarah sees on the big HQ screen. Billy and Zoe are uncharacteristically silent.

In the rec room, Billy finally takes Zoe down, which gives him the confidence to go punch that bully in the nose. Zoe suggests that he take her out for a drink instead, but it turns out she was just kidding. Or was she? She's crazy and unprofessional, but she's a lot more interesting than any of the alleged stars of this show. I say they should just let Bruce Davison and Sydney Poitier stay wherever they are and start giving Zoe and Billy a lot more screen time. Like, more than Mike and KITT. Zoe wiggles her butt as she leaves.

KITT is concerned about Sarah staying in her pod all night. Actually, he says, "I thought it was customary to mark the day of one's birth with family and friends." Quit talking like that! Sarah's bummed out, so KITT plays her some audio of Mike pointedly not making out with Cassandra. Now she's feeling better, and Mike calls her up to meet him in the main HQ room. He's decorated KITT's circly things with Christmas lights and wishes her a happy birthday. And he got her one of those bottles of wine she wanted! So now she's delighted, and they go for a ride in KITT. Which seems inappropriate. [And a lot like work. - Z] Oh, and "Mustang Sally" is playing, in case anyone didn't notice what kind of car KITT is.

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