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As the missile streaks toward the nuclear plant, Sarah and Zoe argue about what to do. There's a countdown going on, and at four seconds to go, Sarah blurts out, "The amplifier!" KITT responds, in calm measured tones, "Using my amplifier to jam the missile's gyro chip will completely reverse the K-17's direction." Sarah answers, "It's either that or Chernobyl." KITT responds, "Scrambler amplification... now." That seems like a longer conversation than four seconds, doesn't it? Especially with the reaction shots in there. So the missile turns around and aims straight at the RV. Michael tries to get Skyler off the roof, but no dice. Does Michael jump to safety with an explosion behind him? What do you think?

To celebrate, we have another of those "zooming into the hangar" shots. There's a post-briefing, which involves Billy saying "I guess he'll be hanging ten... to twenty," which is such a lame line I expect to hear "Won't Get Fooled Again" after it.

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